Hi I’m Katie and this is my husband Morgan...

We have been in love for nine years now and blessed enough to have been married for almost four. We just adore one another and love doing life by each other’s side. We also love Jesus and try our best to keep him the centre of our relationship and home. We are also so excited to be expecting our first baby (due early March 2015) and are busy nesting and excitedly preparing for this next stage of our family life.  

We live in on the East coast of Australia in a teeny tiny flat above my in-laws garage, while we save our pennys for the fun renovations we want to do on our own teeny (currently tenant inhabited) house. 

I am a visual merchandiser by day and a party planner/crafter/housewife by night. I love DIY projects, modern and Scandinavian design, crafting, sewing, tea drinking and spending time with Mr A. 

I have been so blessed by the Lord (seriously I don't deserve any of this) and adore my simple little life, which I hope to record here in this little spot. 
So please do stop by and say hi and stay awhile! I love getting to know my readers!

Kt xx

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