Oct 30, 2007

picture perfect..

today i spent my lunchtime & a little bit of work time too... (yay!) blissfully browsing the net for some much needed prints and artworks for my room. almost 2 years with one set of prints & a mirror on my walls is really quite enough... i also had some ideas for some collages ..which i'm hoping i might be able to pull off!

Here are some of my favourite findings today:

the sellers are dazeychic, Birdie London and theblackapple, all from my new favourite website etsy, which is an amazing website which you can buy and sell handmade goodies. from artworks, to papercraft, textiles, ceramics and pottery etc etc! defiantly, defiantly a new found love!of course..most people already know about this amazing site of sites..im just a little slow sometimes :)

the only problem with the prints is that i can't decide which ones i like the best! i am seriously contemplating the green birdie one above (by birdie, london) and the top 'telephone girl' (by theblackapple). they also seem to be the ones that match the colours of my room the best! (colours being a light 'musty' pink, dark 'fushiaish pink' and light limeish/oliveish green)

it would be truly lovely to have something up on the walls *grin*

Oct 27, 2007

let's start at the beginning..

Hello and welcome to my very first post!
So today wasn't the most exciting day.. and i've hardly got anything exciting for a first post..but i've definetly been busy!
and my bedroom is so clean as a result. ok so it was mostly upturned in the hope of finding my plate, who's whereabouts is still a mystery... but it's clean none-the-less.
And i mean completely dusted and furniture moved and vacumed. i know! which only left time for an afternoon curl up with morgan, a good book and my wooden tea tray with tea and choclate..aren't i a lucky girl??
my little tea tray looked so good i really wanted to take a photo of it too, but my camera is broken so this post will just have to do with these old photos of morgan and i. I especially am loving the top photo and the way the camera focused in on the knit of my jumper :)

well goodnight, off to bed as tonight is day light savings and i'm about to loose an hour of sleep!
hopefully tomorrow i will have something more exciting to post..