Feb 28, 2009

How it's going..

Good, really good. And super busy. I almost don't know where to start it's been such a full week...
I am slowely getting used to the three hour travelling I am doing each day, when for the past two years I have been lucky enough to work 5 mins from home and am used to coming home at lunchtime. I know I am lucky as I don't have to leave till almost 11.00 am but it's still tiring. I try and use this time to study through class notes (I already have half a folder full - phew!)

I have met tonnes of new people from all over the world. There is quite a few international students in my class from places such as Brazil, Laos, South Africa, Poland & New Zealand..

I have had to negotiate myself through the city and on the city transport (quite a daunting task for a 'country girl' like me. Yeah I catch the 'country link' trains - we are SO not even near the country!! Am feeling much more confident with this now.

Got a HUGE art kit (YUMMY!!) - this was so heavy to take home I actually put my neck out dragging it onto the trains! I was really lucky that dad was in the city my first day and I was on the train waiting for it to leave the station when he gave me a call and said he could pick me up - soooo awesome! what are the chances of that - seriously.

Eased into class with silly little drawing excercises.
learnt how to mix gouchace paint to the right consistency.
started colour theory (a little more indepth than high school).

Found a sushi place near the station - yumm!
Have started to explore around - it is so pretty.

Am realizing just hot busy this year is going to be. I'm going to try and keep this little spot going but if you don't hear from me for awhile you'll know I'll be head in the books (or paint and other fun mediums) and bum up studying!

the view from the train station (lucky it is a two minute walk for me to class):

View from my classroom window (when a ship is not in the way) - something like this:

And here's a silly little video Morgan took (along with the pictures) last Saturday when we went down to see which trians I had to catch and where the college was in relation to the train station. a little embarrassing but gives you a good look around..

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Feb 22, 2009

back to school.

Jer 29:11 (NIV) "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Thank you for blessing me. Thank you that I live in this amazing country and have the opportunity to gain a higher education (in my chosen career path) and thank you for the job and funds you have blessed me with which have enabled me to do so.

I commit this year of studying to you. Learning to go against my 'stressful' nature and to not worry about what the future holds or whether I will have a job at the end of this time. But instead confidentially rely on you for these things.

May I be a seed in the many lives that I will encounter this year whether in class, on the train or just passing in the street. Shine through me God, so that people may look at me and know there is something different & desire it themselves.

and thank you lord that I may one day be able to use these talents and the skill I will learn for your kingdom.

Pslam 37:4-5 "Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him(lean on, rely on and be confident) also in him and he will bring it to pass."

Yes, tomorrow is my first day of college. And I am a little nervous but also very excited. I can't believe this thing I have been thinking of and planning and praying for two years is finally happening!

And now I'll leave you with some pretty eye candy of images that have been inspiring me lately and be back tomorrow night to let you know how it all went, and possibly with a Kt & Cm video!

from paperpony:

next three images from hulaseventy.

next two images from sfgirlbybay:

Feb 20, 2009

Flashback Friday

my nanna, her mother, father and little brother
circa late 1920's.

The warm weather is back. After that crazy week of non stop rain where we were back in tracksuits now it's back to air conditioners full force!! Plus we haven't even got any of those forecasted thunderstorms these past few days (I love when the weather guys are wrong like that!!)

This Friday for me marks my last 'offical' free weekday before college starts on Monday - eek! M and I are planning on going down on the train tomorrow for a date - to see how far the walk is from the train station and so I can get my bearings. Maybe even have lunch at Pancakes at the Rocks? - YUM!! Getting a little excited and kinda nervous now. I'm not really good with meeting new people and being out of my comfort zone - your prayers would be awesome!

Today I feel accomplished and have had one of those 'domestic bliss' days!
Friday included:
a little sleep in.
getting to wear new clothes, yeah for $10 top and $11 shoes!!
(also admiring my new $6 ballet flats - $6!!!!) they are awesome & have little black flowers on them :)
taking lunch to my boy at the office and eating together.
baking a chocolate caramel slice and having all the ingredients actually in the cupboard!
while wearing my Amy Butler apron.
listening to some fun music while sewing.
and dancing around silly like.
constantly crossing things off my to do list.
peach iced tea.
an email that was so sweet it made me cry - yeah thats right girl, I said cry - love u!
waiting for lover boy to come home and stay the night.
maybe even an afternoon stroll along the beach (although unlike my great grandfather we may actually leave the gun at home!! and check out those swimming costumes!).

Hope your Friday is just as lovely!


Feb 15, 2009

Some brightness on a cold & rainy day...

button detail.
Remember the 'I don't know what I'm giving away' giveaway that I hosted here awhile back? Yeah we won't mention how far back.. only that it finally did get sent and received by the lovely Aminta. Thanks for hanging in there girl, glad to hear you loved your little package! now I can post pictures :)
I had no idea what to make until I found this Wasp Bag tutorial by Ali Machen & I feel in love with the design.
(Pattern is down loadable from here)

Overall this tutorial was good. Although I did find the instructions a little hard to understand. But that might have been my tired mind (I started it late-ish one night) and the fact I just wanted to get straight into it without reading the instructions too much -I know, not a good combination to start sewing! This also resulted in the different style pocket and the no key strap - my brain just wasn't catching on to those. I also joined the top sides of the bag instead of leaving them open & pretty much winged the instructions placing it together as I went, without glancing at the instructions much - I'm actually very impressed that it turned out so well!!
The material is just a fun print I picked up from Spotlight on special one day, I just fell in love with it and knew that at the crazy price of around $3.00 a metre I had to stock up on a few metres for my stash!
Love those pleats!
The bag was also bigger than I though it would be. But somehow I love the size and the print perfect for a fun springtime bag and the warmer weather, which is sure to come to the US soon. (The warm weather seems to have left us already and we have had a week of non stop rain around here with another one forecasted! yucko!)

Anyway... back to fun craftyness...
I also threw in some buttons and had fun making up these funky button cards from scrapbooking cutoffs & once again covering my own buttons - so much fun!
& I also sent this fabric fabric that I found which reminded me of a cross between Amy Butler and Anna Marie Horner (whom sneaky Chelle was able to fill me in is one of Aminta's fav fabric designers.) You can check out her blog here. I had to add it to my blog roll, it is the best eye candy.

Ok, now I'm off to bed to pour over Real Living and possibly get some shut eye...

Feb 13, 2009

Little Stitches

Inspired by my new book I accidentally stumbled across in a bookstore in Newcastle on Wednesday while visiting an old friend. It kept finding it's way off the shelf and into my arms so I just had to buy it. Totally not in the new 'student budget' but very worthwhile. There's maybe up to 30 patterns inside *grin* which are all in a cute little envelope inside the front cover. I'm just stoked I got it for a cheaper price than on amazon plus postage (seeing the Aus dollar is so poor at the moment only worth 60 something cents US !!)
I can't wait to get crafting :)

want a sneak inside?
How gorgeous is this bedding set?

I also want to try these booties:

and this playtime quilt :)

And speaking of inspring things how cute are these little fabric fortune cookies (found via decor8). They reminded me of these paper ones I blogged about here & how I had planned on making them one day...
I was actually going to try and make the fabric ones as valentines this year but time simply ran away from me today!

Speaking of Valentines Day tomorrow. Insert reason # 999 why I may be possibly one of the best girlfriends ever.
I'm going on a Subaru Liberty car forum cruise with 17 other 'Subaru enthusiasts' tomorrow. Valentines day is all about filling his love tank right? We're driving up to Newcastle in a big group and taking plenty of photos of the cars by the ocean. Think plenty of exhausts and modified cars. I'm actually a little excited to tell the truth and love the idea of just being with M and chatting it up during the drive and looking at the old town houses by the sea. Plus I just brought the new Real Living magazine to pour through during the day. yumm! Did I mention he's currently tinkering with his car right now?

ooh and I must mention that sweet Jess is having a birthday giveaway over on her blog. To celebrate her own birthday, so sweet! You should pop on over. You'll love it there. Jess is a crafty genious and has the best eye candy on her blog, plus this gorgeous little drool-worthy apartment *swoon*.

Feb 12, 2009

Random 25

me @ my friends 'fairy party' yeah it was a 17th lol!

This questionnaire has been going round Facebook and I have been tagged by quite a few of you. Thing is me and Facebook we have this love hate relationship. I actually prefer Myspace You can make your page look pretty for one thing. But some of my friends/cousins don't have/no longer use myspace etc etc. So... instead of put this up on my facebook and actually admiting to myself that I use it :P I though it would be fun to post up on my blog...
anyway here is 25 Random Facts about me...

1. my nickname is Kt Bear. family, close family friends and M's family call me that. Although M's mum also likes to use the term 'crazy' hehe

2. my middle name is Louise.

3.My initials 'KLM' come one after the other in the alphabet. They are also an airline company (or was?!)

your currently singing your abc's, right?

4. I'm a perfectionist & an over achiever. I'm trying to learn how to make things more simple, trying not to get too carried away and that it's ok if everything is not 'perfect'.

5. I wear contacts. or glasses. all the time. And have done since year 6. I often wish it wasn't so.

6. Both my parents don't go by their real names. My mum (Anne-Louise) goes by Annie and my dad (Douglas) goes by Mark. His parents decided they liked this better after he was born,but this was after they'd already had Douglas put on his birth certificate.

7. I year 8, I beat all the boys in my woodwork class with my marks. My dadda was pretty pleased :) Once again... overachieving.. I remember I turned a stupid 'does nothing' dice we had to make into a pretty candle holder :)

8. I'm pretty shy when I meet new people and feel out of my comfort zone. But rather loud when with those I know well.

9. Surprisingly (referring to number 9 above) In year 6 I was the school Captain and did all the speeches and ran some assemblies etc. I loved it.

10. I'll often jokingly tease my mum cause she is so neat, seriously that women is amazing - her spice rack is in alphabetical order for one thing!! I may tease now, but I know when I get a house of my own I'm probably going to be just the same. (Yeah I'm pretty neat & like things in order. eg. All my coast hangers are the same wooden ones. cause they look classy and IO like that everything hangs at the same height and looks orderly. Oh my it's happening already!!)

11. I love savory things more than sweets & cakes. Especially cheese and bikkies and dips. & 'Aunty Mandy's Spinach Thingie' mmm. M is the sweet tooth around here.

12.I'm very close to my little brother and have always been. I would do anything for him and love to spoil him and go on 'sibling dates'. I think it has to do with our 5 year age gap and the fact we have never competed with each other. Plus he's a sweetie and still gives me big hugs and hangs out with me even though he is now almost 16! eeek where did those years go!

13. That said the first time I saw my brother in the hospital I was scared of him and wouldn't hold him when I was offered and I think my first words may have been "yuck" (not sure if I actually voiced that, but that was what I was thinking) he was still a bit bloody and covered in that white stuff - my 5 year old mind didn't think that was the way things happened. Besides I had been praying for a little sister ;)

14. I love love heights and things like abseiling, rock climbing, high ropes and roller coasters. M is the one who is scared of those things and I'm the one who kills the spiders with my bare hands lol!

15. I drive a manual car.

16. I have had my license for 3 years but have already owned four cars... but I haven't smashed anyone of them I promise! I just recently got my full license yay no more P plates for me!!

17. I sing in the shower, mostly always.

18. I have quite a few unfinished projects in my studio. crocheted quilt... going on 6 years I am talking to you! That said I am getting better at actually finishing things!

19. I Heart The Weepies.

20. I love the beach and the coast lifestyle. the cafes. being out on the water. playing on the sand. I don't think I could ever move away from it and not feel like something big was missing.

21. I love to drink tea. Morgan hates it - this I just can't understand!!

22. I much prefer the summertime over the winter. Although I do enjoy when my birthday comes around - my 21st is coming up in June this year and I have already started to plan a fun 'brunch' party.

23. I am going to marry this boy:

just watch me!

24. I hoard Home Beautiful Magazines. And have been since 2006 and now I've found Real Living magazine. mmm massive magazine crush! You can also check out their blog here and here.

25. Besides Sewing and Craft reading would have to be my next favourite pastime. I love old classics and am currently reading 'Anne's house of Dreams' from the Anne of Green Gables series M got me for Christmas. I also love Little house on the prairie books, what Kt did series, and Christian novel writers such as Francine Rivers (you need to read redeeming love), Beverley Lewish (particulary her Abram's daughters series) and Lori Wick.

Feb 9, 2009


My latest sock animal.
Spotty and sleepy elephant.
My second order - gotta love that :)
Still loving the craft book Sock & Glove.

ps. Miyako Kanamori has a new book out 'Happy Gloves' it looks very cute!

Feb 8, 2009


" For ever ending,
there's a new beginning -
for every memory,
there's a dream ahead."

Quote from the card the girls gave me at work on Friday. I don't think any other quote could of suited half as well. Well this is it, for the past 2 days I have been officially 'jobless'. Work gave me a beautiful send off on Friday - lunch in the board room where one of the partners cooked up some very scrummy (and cooked to perfection) steaks, yummy salads and cheese platters (my fav!). I also got given flowers, a pair of gorgeous dangling earrings!! a card with well wishes in it, many hugs, even the petrol coupon that came with the drinks (hehe) & a little speech of thanks. We also had a round of trivia after lunch which got everyone giggling. My team lost (we had the three youngest office members, so that's our excuse!) but that was ok we still got to share in the lady bug chocolates that were our 'loosing prize'.
A chapter of my life has closed, but those remaining pages? They are eagerly waiting. There is still so much yet to be written.
& I can't wait to begin.

Feb 7, 2009

apron time.

I have more craft to share today.
I was going through old photos and found these shots of the apron I made Jacy as a prize for one of the games for Leslie's baby shower.
I used Kwik sew pattern no:3396. The same pattern I used for the apple apron I made for the sassy apron swap (I think I need to try out the half apron next time, it has fun pockets!)
I love this pattern, it's very simple to make, the instructions were easy to follow and I love how the seams are easily neatened by encasing the edges in bias binding (6 metres by the way, phew!) and yes, the colours are even better in real life.
I also found this fun Women's Weekly kids cooking book to send along too. The ABC's of Kids cooking. The cute and colourful pictures just won me over. That and fun little recipes like enclosing caramel jerseys into muffins :)
my brother liked this page...
funny how the letters to his nickname and my initals both come one after the other in the alphabet.
Love this quote *Smile*
& the apron in full:
& boy they weren't joking about the weather. It's been hot hot here, even the pool was kinda warm today & my puppy went in for a few swims.
now to go sit in front of the fan...
Hope your all having lovely weekends!

Feb 6, 2009

Some like it Hot!

grandma. grandpa. auntie susie.
early 1950's.
Apparently we're in for a super hot weekend. High 30's all weekend long. You'll be sure that M and I will be floating in the pool with a good book (Anne of Green Gables anyone?) or mucking around at the beach. I can't wait. Although I'm sure we won't be able to do it with as much style as my grandparents! We'll also be dropping in to the mechanics so M can get some modifications done to his car - a bigger exhaust. Not my idea of a great way to spend money, but then I just think of my huge fabric stash and I feel too guilty to say anything. We all need a little 'fun money' right :)

ps. last day of work today eeeeek! :D

pps. Have a great weekend all!

Feb 4, 2009

a long but rather crafty post.

& I did. I've been meaning to share these for awhile & now they have been received I can. These were the packages I sent off to Chelle, Fairlight & Jacy for the Domestic Bliss scrappy swap. I had an absolute ball with this swap, I was just so inspired. I may have got a little carried away but there's something so fun and satisfying about using up tiny little fabric scraps to make something new & plus I had so many scraps left over at the end too so I just kept creating! So be prepared for a fairly lengthy post...
included in the swap:

pin cushions. from Heather Bailey's square deal pincushion pattern (down loadable here) Such a quick and fun little project, highly recommended. These nearly didn't make it to the post office on account of I wanted to keep them myself, but then again what would I do with three almost identical pincushions?

yes, yes they are. The very best.
Button magnets.
I used the self cover buttons from Spotlight (beware this is highly addictive!) cut the button 'eyes' off the back and used silicone (also addictive) to glue the magnets ($2 at spotlight for a pack of 4) onto the back.
hehe I also just realized my brother has written "lollies, chips & chocolate" on our shopping list & mum has substituted lollies for maple syrup *grin*
ooh and that label to the left was one of the items I received from Chelle in my package :D

Fabric Coasters. inspiration & sizing from Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing Book:




Gift Tags. Also just as addictive as covering buttons with fabric. I particularly like the squirrel ones :)

Bible Verse Teabags. A feed of scripture while enjoying a calming cup of tea & some time out (hopefully). The 'lemon twist' and 'peach raspberry' flavors made these packages smell so yummy!
Babushka doll iron ons. I used visafix for this project & left the paper connected to the other side of babushkas for the girls to iron onto their own projects. Apparently I have fed little Olivia's matroshkas obsession & she has already commandeered one for herself. I think Fairlight said for a pillow? I think little mini matroshkas like these would look very cute around the edge of a young girl's outfit too, but so time consuming though.. maybe one day.

Notebook Journals.
one for Jacy:
& inside cover.

one for Fairlight:
(the inside of Fairlight's journal is the first picture)

& one for Chelle:
Knowing how Chelle loves to collect quotes I turned hers into a quote book (as I know probably all your other ones are almost full dear ;) I added a first quote in for her, it's the sweetest:

wow, I wasn't joking when I said this post would be long *grin* hope it was fun enough that you were able to stay with me :)
kt x