Jul 29, 2009

Train of Thought

Coming home on the train tonight & I am busy reading.
The train stops and I look up to see where we are.
But that’s not what I see.
In fact I quickly forget that’s why I even first looked.
I see a reflection of me.
My head is resting on my hand.
& there in the reflection on my left hand Is the most beautiful diamond ring I have ever seen.
It’s sparkling & I smile.
& think of him.
& happy tears start to well up in my eyes.

When did we get big enough to start planning a life together?

Yesterday we were just school kids and he was too shy to even talk to me.

Yesterday we were writing silly letters back and forth to each other during class & handing them to each other as we passed between classes.

Yesterday I was upset because his parents wouldn’t let me drive until I had had my license for three long months.

Yesterday we were sitting in the playground sharing lunch and talking about Friday night youth group.

Now the words Church, flowers, forever, reception, Husband, wife & my favourite ‘ours’ are a part of our everyday.

Life is good. God is good.

Spent some time last night listening to some worship & realized again just how much I needed to soak in God’s presence more & just be still.

So life at the moment – it’s busy and it’s crazy and sometimes amongst thinking about assessments, finances, wedding plans and jobs and travelling to and from Sydney everyday I feel like I can’t even think straight But I know I am so blessed to be living this life!

& I am so thankful.

Jul 28, 2009

For Lexi

One of the ladies at Morgan's office is about to go on Maternity Leave & is expecting a precious little baby girl within the next couple of weeks - her & her husband's first.
A little lady who's parents were told that she had spina bifida & that they would have to terminate the pregnancy. Parents who were already so much in love with their baby, who sought out other advice & decided to give this little one a chance at life - I am so inspired by this couple & have often thought just how I would react if I was in this situation?
With each stitch of these booties I prayed for this family & thanked God for this little ones life & prayed that somehow through this time her parents would seek God out for themselves and come to know him as their own personal saviour.
The office decided to put together a gift basket with each person contributing a little gift and Morgan knowing just how much I love to sew baby sized things asked if I would make a sock animal for his contribution (of course I would!) & it also gave me a great chance to try out this cutie booties pattern I have been wanting to make for ages.
Fabrics are from Amy Butler's Midwest Modern line.
Booties pattern is from Amy Butler's Little Stitches.
& the Gift tag is by Morgan :) what a man.. we all remember him sewing and now crafting - oh my... I am sure it will not be a common occurrence but this, this is one of the many reasons I am so glad I get to marry this man :)
In Morgan's hands, they are SO small!

pps ;) Don't forget to enter the 'something old, something new, something crafty & something blue' GIVEAWAY!

Jul 26, 2009

the cutest thing.

My lovely friend Chelle sent me through these pics of cutie Jack Jack wearing his mini-man overalls & with his sock zebra which I made a little while ago & I just had to share. Oh Chelle how lovely it was to hear (over the phone!!) that they are so loved and that he is getting lots of wear out of his little outfit - that totally made my heart sing.
& isn't he just so super cute & smiley?
ps. & Don't forget to enter the 'something old, something new, something crafty & something blue' GIVEAWAY - see below post!

Jul 22, 2009


pretty image by Jose Villa

So Morgan and I have come down (a small bit) from our engagement hype and have started to talk about our ideas, plans, guests lists and what we would like to incorporate into our special day. We know we want a ceremony that will reflect marriage as God's ultimate design and a testimony to our faith, a wedding where friends and family (and their talents) will be greatly involved and of course with lots of little handmade touches that reflect us as a couple. So we thought it would be fun to get a giveaway (yes I said GIVEWAWAY) up and running on the blog where we can get some creative and inspiring ideas - and where else but from you wonderful crafty lot of bloggers, many whom have been there before?! Plus I thought it would be a fun way to drag out some of those wedding photos from some of you who I have not seen before ;)

The winner will receive a very fun little package.
Inside will be something old, something new, something crafty & something blue!
(I can't work out a way to send something I have borrowed, without the other person being upset ;)...

So how to play along yourself...

1. Leave a comment on this post to let me know you will be playing along.

2. On your own blog create a new post. If you have been married before post a photo (or a few) from your wedding and tell us something that made your day special and unique or share a creative idea from a wedding you have attended. You can also link to a creative wedding idea you have seen online, a link to your favorite wedding blog (or wedding post), or a favorite Etsy wedding find.

3. Spread the word on your own blog about this giveaway and encourage your friends to join in by popping on over here and leaving a comment and sharing their own wedding photos and inspiring ideas on their blog too.

4. And have a tonne of fun reminiscing, gaining new bloggy friendships and looking at everyone's wedding photos - I will also upload a list with a link to each ladies blog who participates.

Remember to be included in the draw you must leave both a comment (so I know to enter you into the draw) along with a creative wedding idea, a link to your favorite wedding blog or wedding post, or a favorite Etsy wedding find - which can be posted in the comment section or on your own blog post. Those who create a post on their own blog with a link back here will be given a bonus entry into the draw.

This giveaway will close on Friday 21st August 12.00 EST and announced on Monday 24 August. The winner will be randomly drawn.

So Since I have never been married before (duh!) I thought I would leave you with some photos of a wedding I was lucky enough to be a part of - my lovely cousin Larissa's and her equally amazing husband Brant. They were married at North Sydney on 2 October 2004 in the same church our Nanna & Pa and her parents were married in, with a ceremony which left everyone in tears! One of the highlights of the wedding was having some of our photos taken at the theme park - Luna Park on Sydney Harbour. It was fun to walk through the park champagne in hand and left some great opportunities for some amazing photos. We even got to ride the old 1920's carousel for free, which of course was the page boy's absoluete highlight (ok maybe one of mine too :) !

my stunning cousin.
Thanks for your help ladies!
Love Kt & Morgan :)

Jul 17, 2009

K is for..

Keke Monkey!
Being cute and posing for me while visiting a few weekends ago.
ooh and she can say my name now (aaaww!)

Jul 15, 2009


Wow, how can it be that 5 days of the holidays have already flown by? It seems like this break is going by much too quickly and my to-do list seems just as long as when the holidays started. My excuse? - I have have been a little distracted with wedding ideas ;)
We had a lovely little getaway down to the South Coast with Morgan's family over the weekend, which was perfectly relaxing. So much so that the camera had a little rest too & I hardly took any photos.
But here are a few happy snaps.

my sister-in-law-to-be (love this term!)
My what BIG feet u have & cute little $6 Target flats :)
this ring, love M.
the view from the top.
oh dear!
M had the camera so their all shots of me.. this tower was so very high!
family :)

Jul 9, 2009


"When I get married I want to be very married" - Audery Hepburn

This is the sweet little sparkle that keeps catching my eye and making me smile. I adore it's antique style, the promise of a life together that it holds & the memory of my best friend kneeling before me and asking if I would be his forever.

And a shot of it on my crazy skinny little finger - we had to have it made from scratch as they couldn't resize the original down that small! I had to try each ring on with tissue stuffed at the back to see how they would look. Even now it is still a little bit big, so we will probally have to have it resized but for now I am enjoying the look of it on my hand (and I am sure Morgan is too!)

Well we are off to a mini weekend away down the south coast complete with new stack of bridal magazines, a new book, scarfs, gloves and lovely new (on sale) jacket yay!
Have a great weekend all, whether it is snuggling up by the fire, or lazing by the pool :)

Jul 4, 2009


So I guess I have a bit of exciting news to share..
Last night my sweet Morgan came and picked me up from the station after college (Which is not really that uncommon) I was under the impression that we were going straight home, until he took a different turn off and took me to 'our' waterfront - the place where he asked me if I would 'officially go out with him' - the place we have visited a dozen times since talking, laughing, sharing, doing bible devotionals, bike riding and just being together. It was dark as we pulled up but I could just make out the silhouette of a picnic table covered in a white tablecloth, candles and the cutest little home-made 'reserved sign'. We rugged up in jackets and blankets and chatted and nibbled away on cheese and bikkies and then as we walked hand in hand to the edge of the waterfront M pulled out a little jewelry box, got down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him!! I don't think the words 'yes' followed by 'yes yes yes oh yes!' could of come out out my mouth any quicker!

The ring is absolutely beautiful - a dainty little antique white gold ring with lots of little sparkles I love it - but even more than the ring itself I love what to me it symbolizes, what I see when I look at it that causes my eyes to fill with the happiest tears.

This ring means me and him forever - in God's perfect design.
learning, growing and loving through life together.
Through the good times and through the bad.
Being each others support, comfort, encouragement and strength.
Our own little family unit.
It's still so surreal!
but yeah girls I am officially GETTING MARRIED to my best friend!! Yeah!!

ooh and the photos are courtesy of M for the memories and because he knew I'd want to blog about it naaww!