Mar 31, 2008

tell her she's dreaming!

So i woke up the other morning and my first thought was wow THAT was an awesome dream..can't I just go back to sleep again? I'm not usually one that remembers my dreams but this was just such a fun dream...

morgan was a fashion designer and sewed me the most amazing dresses and clothes! And he was absolutely amazing at sewing (and oh so neat!) and would just whip something up for me as I asked! (I have these mental images of me in a dress as he's pinning away fitting it to me) but everything about him was still.. well just him. He was also opening up a shop with all his designer pieces and would just give me clothes for free! The only problem in the dream came when we were planning our wedding and i desperately wanted to surprise him with my dress, but also wanted him to design it (because of course he was the best around) and I couldn't make up my mind what to do! every girls dream right?? i have absolutely no idea where any part of that dream came from, but it was nice none-the-less :D

and speaking of Morgan (one of my favourite topics, i know..) he started a new job last Thursday as a laborer at a place that makes granite, installs kitchens and other random stuff, such as building this 5 storey house on the property. It's not exactly what he wants to do (as it doesn't involve music) but i'm all like.."think of that body!"" are you thinking of that body? ""I'm thinking of THAT body..." even Gran Jen congratulated him on his new job in his birthday card and commented that he'd have the body of a Greek God in no time! she's a funny one that Gran Jen (i'll post up some pictures of the present she made morgan soon)! I'm also thinking of all the thing's he'll learn that will be beneficial to when we own our own home.. installing kitchens, building things...etc and all the money it will save!

Happy Monday everyone hoping you all have a great week whatever you do!

btw - the print above is entitled 'dreaming' - house paint and tears on table cloth by artist Jamal Vrno. I can't find much information on his work but heres some of his work here and or you can look him up on flickr or google him, i think they are amazing.

Mar 19, 2008

one, two, three, FOUR!

Rebecca from Hurrah has tagged me to share some things about myself in groups of fours. So here goes:
Katie Louise

four jobs I've had:
oh this is hard. Keep in mind that I only finished school 2 years ago and tend to stick to something for ages..

1. babysitter
2. subway aka 'sandwich artist'
3. oh i also worked for one day in our church op shop with my two best friends which was fun. I can't remember whether we actually sold anything though..
4. And currently I work in a law firm as an office assistant/admin/receptionist. A highly
uncreative environment but interesting as we represent everyone from the those who are purchasing another property/business to the 'criminals' who are currently in custody!

Four favourite movies:

1. Baz Lurhman's Romeo and Juliet - I was absolutely obsessed with this in year 9 and knew the whole movie (and play) of by heart, specifically which lines they had left out of the movie (this also helped greatly when we studied it in English!) oh and Leonardo Dicapbrio... well he helped abit too ;)
2. Failure to launch
3. The classics - Anne of Green Gables and Little women (both versions)
4. The Notebook - how could it not be with those clothes and those hairstyles and that house on the lake built in the name of love?? and the sweet romance that it is!

Four places I've been:
I've actually been to all states in Australia (but the Northern Territory) but not out of it! But morgan and I are saving up for a honeymoon in Europe, we'll see how that goes..

1. Queensland: The Great Barrier Reef - off Green Island. very pretty!
2. Morton Island - off the coast of Brisbane Queensland
3. The
4. Tasmania: Richmond, a sweet little old village with the oldest bridge and church in Australia.

Four places i've lived:

1. Sydney - in the inner city in an apartment
2. in the country
3. Sydney's northern beaches
4. in two houses in the same street

Four favourite tv shows:

1. Home and away and neighbours - yup Australian soapie fan right here. mostly Home and away though.
2. the amazing race and kid nation
3. How i met your mother
4. survivor

Four favourite radio programs:

wow now that i actually have a cd player in my car, i don't really listen to the radio at all anymore... but my brother and neighbour and i used to listen to the morning show on Star fm on the way to school, just to listen and play the 'plasma pop quiz' (that was if my crappy little excel's radio was deciding to work that day. it had an awful habit of just turning itself off and not letting me turn it back on, or turning itself on with a bang - even if it was turned off!??)
also possibly Joyce Myer on Rhema FM

Four favourite foods:
ah! heres where i just can't stop at 4!

1. Thai (right with you here on this one Rebecca!)
2. Cheese platters (especially those with Camembert and Mersey valley!)
3. A good chai tea latter (surprisingly McDonald's makes the best)
4. baby spinach, potato and prochetta salad (and all yummy salads and the ones with vermicelli noodles and prawns - oh and garlic prawns!)

Four places i'd rather be:

1. Tangalooma, Morton Island with my family
2. Travelling anywhere overseas!
3. plodding around home sewing and crafting and being with the people i love (and not at work!)
4. curled up near the water or on our boat with some pillows, morgan and a good book

and because i feel like i failed at some of the questions...
4 random facts about me:

1. i wear glasses constantly - mostly in the form of contacts but i also have a pair of 'smart glasses', those ones with the thick rims and when I wear them people like to tell me that I look like, or should be a librarian. My contacts mean that I also get things in my eyes - alot!
2.i am a habitual writer of lists, specifically 'things i must do/accomplish today/this week'. I also enjoy crossing of the things that i finish and have been known the add things to my list, which I have already finished just for the satisfaction of being able to cross it off!
i enjoy reading and if given the chance can devour a whole book in one night.
4. i'm a neat freak - something i get from my mother, a woman who's spice rack is in alphabetical order!! i like things in square containers (they stack nicer) and I like labels. I like it when my bed is made my way, all straight and square and the throw cushions are positioned just so. But i can also be pretty messy when i'm crafting, sewing or rushing around trying to get ready!

so now i'm tagging my good friend Leesa from use a clever turn of phrase
and because i'm still new at this world of blogging and don't have many other friends to tag, if you've stopped by and read this, or read this blog but have never actually commented or said hi, why don't you leave a comment and a link back to your blog and i'll be sure to stop by and say hello!


Mar 18, 2008

into the blue and green...

Tuesday afternoon and I am currently wishing that I was back here and anywhere but the office counting the minutes until my day is over!

aren't the colours just gorgeous? Doesn't it just remind you of Greece?

These shots were taken a few weekends ago when we went up to Newcastle to see our good friends and newlyweds Leesa and Sam and their new pint sized place :)

such a lovely time that involved a moroccan theme (complete with Moroccon buddies) good food, laughs, picnics, visits to the lolly shop, lunch, markets, a visit to the art gallery and shopping in Darby street - a street with amazingly gorgeous little shops dedicated to all things handmade. It was like a street full of etsy shops, with products you could see and touch and have straight away! I am especially loving the shop 'High Tea with Mrs Woo'.

These photos were taken at the Newcastle baths, which are currently being done up and are definetly worth a visit if you ever go there.

i especially love this shot above. the lines of white concrete leading to the white sea spray waves in the background and the aboriginal children playing in the water.

and this...well this is just morgan doing what makes no sense to anyone else, but himself. 3 years together he can still reduce me to laughter by a mischievous glint in his eyes followed by one of his spontaneous outbursts!

oh how i love the sunshine, good friends, scrummy food and fun weekends away

status: currently can't wait for the long weekend (also morgan's birthday weekend)!!

Mar 14, 2008

thats glovely!

home made oven gloves for my mamma with that sweet Japanese fabric.

they were so fun to make that I think i'll be churning out many more of these.
I also enjoyed the quilting part - i think I understand the love of quilting now!
Note to self: must make quilt..

Mar 12, 2008

today's window shopping..

saffron patchwork pillow, maroon patchwork pillow, slate patchwork pillow, ink and vellum knob. all from anthropologie.

Little Miss photogenic!

This is my sweet second cousin Keara, aka Keke (blogged about here and here)
i just had to post up these pictures because she's just so sweet, that how could i not?
Also, she pulls the best faces, hope these next two photos give you a little laugh!

Keke and her Best Friend Mitchell (both their mummies have been close friends since primary school!!)

oh Keke you are so funny and i love you lots! :)

Mar 10, 2008

when he brings me flowers...

freshly cut from his garden. bright. and yellow. and happy!
he's gone now... but theres a bright yellow morgan smile looking at me from my bedside table :)
a small simple happiness