Aug 30, 2008

When God answers...

BOY does he do a good job!

- 11 salvations at youth on Friday night!!! all awesome young kids from the streets and schools from around where we live. I could hardly repeat the prayer after the preacher as I was tearing up. All I could think was how much god loves these beautiful children he created and the plan he has for their lives. As we gave each one a bible the preacher taught them how to look up scriptures and had them look up John 3:16. They then were told to cross out for god so loved the world and write in their own name. Half of them looked shocked as if we're going to cross out a scripture!?! One of the girls was just beaming as she did. And I realized just how amazingly personal the gift of god's grace and salvation is! They are all coming to our state youth alive event too. Now we are fiercely praying they will stay in the youth group and grow as they learn to live as Christ's beloved.

and then..

- another 6 at church on Sunday night!!

Can I just say our guest preacher was so great (not that my pastors not). But I really needed to hear that message. It's been awhile since a message has really gotten to me the way his did. Pulling at my heart strings and bringing down the pride and facade I often build around myself.

just had to share :)

Aug 29, 2008

Flashback Friday..

This week were flashbacking to the 1950 St Joseph's College athletics carnival. Seriously, this is way too sophisticated and glamorous for an athletics carnival right?

This College is over 150 years old and it is the school my grandpa went to, and also his three boys and the school my brother is going to next year - which he is very excited about. Did I mention it was a boarding school?

The two people on the right are my grandparents at about age 18. I love in this shot how they are not looking at the camera but rather to each other talking, laughing and flirting! And don't even try to deny that's not what was going on Gramps! ;)

And that picnic basket... so amazing!

Have a great weekend everyone and be safe!
Hopefully i will be able to finish my sassy apron swap and there can be a show and tell on Monday. Stay tuned :)


Aug 28, 2008


Because my mind is floating everywhere at the moment and laughing at yourself for over ten days is SO not cool..

Here's a few of my internet findings this week:


Urban Outfitters fat bird jewelery stand (also comes in white) I think he's cute.
Lace cream wallet - Love the look of this wallet but it's very pricey at $150 eeP! (that AND the fact I just got a new wallet from my love :)
Camera poster from the poster list. They have some great posters and at really good prices, check them out.
windsee by Leslie of One girl Design works.
Is it wrong to want one of these when I am this big? Seriously every time Leslie puts new items in her shop she just out does herself. I love all the fabrics combination and the cuteness of these little guys!
Bird poster once again from the poster list.

PS. I also found this great site.. tonnes of free Burda patterns, sewing how to's, sewing dictionary and some really great inspiring pictures.

Aug 18, 2008

a bit of fun..because laughing at yourself is healthy !

So in my last post i posted up a picture of my Grandma in the 1960's...
well here I am circa 1966:and super nerdy circa 1960...and in 1970... Hi mum!! (this looks just like a photo we have of her!!)
and in 1974...and in 1990... (super glad I was in nappies still :P)
and 1994...(it reminds me of Carol from Friends season 1!)
and a real oldie, circa 1950. that SO does not even look like me!
haha! seriously check this site out. such a waste of time, and so much fun!
oh and if you 'year book' yourself let me know, ok :)

Aug 15, 2008

Flashback Friday..

My Grandpa (or 'Gramps' as he likes to sign off on his emails) had a tonne of old scanned images on his computer that I asked if I could copy onto my USB when I was over last. All of them I have seen before, know of the top of my head and even though they are before my time I can usually name the people within the image - from all those times I have poured over the family albums and listen to Grandma's stories about the people and memories contained in each one.
But I came across this image and it escapes my memory - where has this beautiful little snapshot of my Grandma been hiding?
I love it! The elegence, the gloves and the full skirt - late 50's early 60's right? And the more of look at it i actually see abit of myself in there too!
I'm off to find out more...

Have a lovely weekend everyone :)

ps. I just realized the image is saved with the date, circa 1963!

Aug 11, 2008

Tree of Hapiness Award

Wow, it's been ever so long since I last blogged, or popped around and said hi to all you lovely blogging people. I will come around soon, I promise! So what has been going on? a little bit of nothing and alot of somethings and some sickness thrown in there too - errk. So I have not felt up to blogging, neither have I been very inspired or been very creative lately. I even missed Flashback Friday - the first time since I started but I am desperate to push through and list the things in my life at the moment that are making me happy :) This little Tree of Happiness Award was sent to me by Beth from Goat in a Coat... where I am to list 6 things which make me happy so here goes.

1. Fun surprises in the mail from my love, which were 'just because I love you presents' . Like this wallet from Cotton Purr's Etsy shop. I would definelty recommend this shop,the wallet is so well made and all her fabric combinations are lovely. (I originally saw a similar wallet on her Etsy site and mentioned it to Morgan as an present idea for my birthday. But it sold :( then one day i was just browsing and came across another one and showed it to morgan and he surprisingly and unknown by me brought it right there on the spot! it was actually meant to be a surprise but I kinda ruined it woops) But I was surprised by the Weepies cd that came in the post a few days before. naaaw I feel so loved.

2. Looking through old photos on my computer and laughing and smiling over the beautiful memories contained in each one. And actually finally printing some of these images of and looking through them with my family.

3. Having a nice clean car, the first time it's been washed since I brought it..wooops.

4. New Haircuts for M and me, yay!

5. All this sunshine that is pouring from the sky at the moment. It may be cold, but at least it's not raining!

6. Great fellowship with the boys (I was the only girl who showed up) at our young adults group at church last night. We watched this dvd of Loui Giglio called How Great is Our God. And wow, it really puts everything in perspective! He talks about that if the world were a golf ball exacatly how big the sun would be, how big the stars are (such as 'beetlejuice') and ultimetly how insignifigant we are (but in a good way!)... in the way that God is a creator of such immense scale but yet he knows the number of hairs on your head (Matthew 10: 29-30 ), that we are the workmanship of God and are created in his image (Genesis 1:27) and he wants an intimate relationship with you - He promises that through the storms of life that he will hold onto you and he will never let you go. It just blows you away. And then theres LAMININ!..well I just let you watch the video(s) to hear this one!part one, part two and part three.

And out of all the points above this makes me the happiest because I know that no matter where I am in my life right now, no matter what i'm going through I have a God who loves me and will never let me go and who will ultimetly pull me through each and every situation stronger than I was before :)

I choose to pass this on to Leslie, Amy, Jodie, Peta, Rebecca and Wendi whos blogs I love popping around too. Join along if you'd like ladies. List 6 things that are making you happy and pass this on to 6 other bloggers :)

oh and is anyone else having such fun watching the Olympics - I love it!!

Aug 1, 2008

Flashback Friday

oh baby today I know exactly how you feel..why is this winter seeming to drag on forever? And why must today I be at work when I have so many ideas and creative thoughts swimming around in my head? I long to pull out my sewing machine and start something, finish a project, go for a long inspiring walk and drench in the sunshine that is today actually deciding to shine. Today i am feeling agitated and edgy and looking forward to the long weekend I am blessed enough to have and some good church fellowship on Sunday..

p.s I love your vintage lamb toys and stroller.

my aunt Susie circa 1954.