May 31, 2010

here there and everywhere...

So I may not have been here blogging lately but it's been busy busy over here.  I've also been popping up in a few other places over the weekend. Check out our engagement shoot feature over at Polka Dot Bride and find out 'what I think of when I think of England' at my guest post over at the lovely Cassie's blog. I think you should definitely stop by this sweet spot and say hello to this lovely lady who lives in a dear little cottage in a lovely little village in England. (I think it's so sweet how they call their town a village :) While Cassie and her hubby are having the time of their lives on holiday in the beautiful island of Gozo, in the Mediterranean (totally jealous here of course!) She has asked a few talented ladies to write some guests posts for her. So come on over and check out all the fun entries from these very talented ladies! - Still feeling so chuffed to be included in this category! You might be inspired or find a new friend and then you could tell me what your 'English dream would be' ...

May 21, 2010

Vintage Swap

 Do you like vintage fabric goodness? Sweet florals and lovely cottons?
If so then I think you should pop on over to my friend Fairlight's blog. She is having a vintage sheet swap and today is the last day to sign up.
check it out the details and inspiration of lovelies made with vintage sheets over here.

May 19, 2010

date night.

Because I don't want to ever forget this special date night...
Last Wednesday night was date night. yipee! Date #3 of this book and a special night together to celebrate 5 years of getting to know one another, 5 years of sillyness and fun and 5 years of falling in love with one another. over and over again.We giggled and laughed and gave each other 'hi 5's 4 5!' and really got to talk - no distractions. Just me and him being young and silly and in love. That was probably my favourite bit. And that M - we'll he went out of his way to make this a special night for me. I'd been having a bad start to the week (so may changes and big unknowns happening here at the moment) and he announced that he was taking me out to dinner and we were going to celebrate this occasion in style. With a real fancy dinner at a very lovely and posh restaurant. Which was actually a beautiful old manor style house which has been converted into a restraunt. And my main meal - well lets just say I was really sad when the last mouthful was gone. It was that yummy! When he picked me up and I got in the car that night there was a little wrapped present (with a bow) sitting on the front seat for me. He had brought me these babushka measuring cups! I so SO love them!
 Then after dinner as we hopped back into the car he handed me a small bank statement for a recently opened account. He had started a special account to save up for my one day kitchen aid mix master with some monies already set aside for it. it was a really really sweet gesture! and oh how I really love that boy :)

In other news our engagement party has been featured on the new party inspiration website A new site where you can upload images from your own parties and find inpiration from other peoples too. Jillian from catch my party found our engagement party online and asked me if she could feature us - well of course! There is also a little feature over on their blog... Thanks for loving our party so much Jillian we are honoured to be featured on your website!

May 12, 2010

featured (again)!

How fun is this? Our high school sweetheart love shoot has been featured on the UK wedding blog Beyond Beyond. Where they feature "preposterously beautiful and gorgeous thingymebobs that are so damn good and eyecandytastic that we wish we made them" Oh how fun to be included in that category! It seems like they really love our wedding photographer too - and who wouldn't!?
Part of the reason we choose Christine was her use of light and bokeh and she has more than lived up to her reputation in these beautiful shoots. And little did we know we'd get such a sweet friend out of the deal too! I'm so hoping one day she can teach me to shoot like that and also that I can talk the Mr into having her capture all our special 'life moments' too ... I'm working on it Christine ;)

and hooray now I have another wedding inspiration blog to follow, cause we all know I need another one of those like a whole in my head! ;)


 Five years ago a certain boy came into my life and took my heart off the market - for good.
I was chatting online after school one day (you know avoiding the dreaded homework) and a certain guy started chatting to me - trying to find out (for his friend) if I was interested in his friend.
but I guess he had other agendas ;)
and we haven't stopped talking since - well ok I havent stopped :)
He was just 15 and I was 16 (almost 17)!
Then four years later that boy asked me to marry him. 
I often think what it would of been like to have known at that moment that this was the guy god had in store for me and all the fun adventures we'd have together and the way we'd be there to support each other through the hard times too. Would I have known it'd be this good? That I would be this blessed?

This is the first photo ever taken off the two of us. Snapped by our good friend Corinne at school with us looking all cute and little in our school uniforms and with our school backpacks on. I really liked that uniform... I don't think I've changed all that much but I think M looks particularly baby faced here and has filled out much more since then and that maybe he has finally grown into those hands which are bigger than my head in this shot? And I think he might even be taller!? crazy crazy thought :)

Happy fifth anniversary babe.
I love you more and more each year.
I love the way we laugh and enjoy life together. I love our silly games and inside jokes. And how whenever I am unsure or stressed you will always stop right then and there to pray for me - reminding me to cast my cares onto the Lord and that his plan is greater than our own. That means the world!
I am so excited to start counting our wedding anniversaries together so soon :)
kt bear x

May 5, 2010

highschool sweethearts

Yay! The rest of our engagement photos and story are up on Christine's blog. So go and have a looksie! We're so happy with how our school themed love shoot came out.
My baby brother made this old school looking chalkboard for me specially for the shoot. I showed him a photo of my idea and he just went for it - I never knew he was so handy with tools. But I did know that he an absolute sweetie!
We left the board blank for some shots so we could Photoshop words in and for this shot M stuck down some thickers to replicate the idea of those boards they use in school photos. You know the ones they place in front of the kids in the front row that say the school, teacher, class and year... I've no idea what their called?!
And now I have a cute chalkboard on which to write notes to the Mr ... you know romantic things like "dishes need doing please hun" and "meatloaf is in the fridge" ;)
I particularly can't wait to get this one of M enlarged - I think he looks pretty dreamy :)
thanks again Ms Pobke!!

for the walls + floors.

eeek! I just saw over on Apartment Therapy that Amy Butler is going to be bringing out her own line of wallpaper for Graham and Brown. It looks so lovely and fun. I hope they make it available here in Oz. I'm not sure if I myself would do a wall in my home up, but I think they would look particularly amazing in a commercial environment! Or used in other fun crafty projects ;)
On the other hand I would gladly put one of her rugs in my home!
isn't it pretty

May 3, 2010

I love lamp(s)...

Mum + dad just brought the 'Jacob' Floor Lamp from Beacon lighting the other day for the lounge room + I REALLY love it - so much so that I want to inconspicuously pack it in my suitcase and take it with me when I move out. Except for the fact that mum would see her missing lamp when she comes to visit and probably want it back ;) I just love that wooden tripod stand and think my parents have great taste :) And at only $189 (I think mum and dad got theres for around $170 - so be sure to ask for their best price) I think it's a great deal. Especially as I've been eying the Oxford floor lamp from Oz Design furniture (sadly no longer available) but it was just over $200...
I also had no idea they also have a table and pendant light in this same design. I am thinking the pendant lamp would look so lovely in the flat in the dining area - did I mention we have a lighting problem in the flat? As in there is only one ceiling light to light up the whole kitchen/dining/lounge space?! crazy and very unpractical I tell you! :)

May 1, 2010

small and cute!

So today went really well.
We met up with Uncle Ken (it's been since Feb since I've seen that guy!) and went through our draft ceremony layout M had typed up.
I can say I am excited over the way our ceremony is shaping up.
An outreach to family and friends, a glimpse of God's love for us and purpose for marriage, Marriage as a reflection of god's love and special moments to happen including loved family members and close friends.
And really trying to make it personal - anyone have any other lovely ideas on how to do this?
now if only we could pick and agree on some pretty songs :)

Then we answered a questionnaire for our marriage course. So the computer can well.. compute things and give an overview on our relationship strengths and the areas we need to talk on too.
I had to laugh answering a few questions and knowing exactly what M's answer was - the complete opposite to mine :) But it really encouraged me that our relationship is strong and healthy and that we have discussed so much of what we want our marriage to be like and what our expectations are, as well as chatting through answers on the way home and digging deeper into areas together.
It also made me realize again how blessed I am to have Mr M and how sweet he really is.
that sweet CM :)

So after a really lazy afternoon of watching movies, heading to the hardware store and super cheap auto (yup fiance of the year over here ;) We had a quiet night at M's house and I decided to measure and draw up the plan of 'our flat' which I've been meaning to do for awhile.
The flat is actually a cute little 2 bedroom flat above the garage at M's house. His parents have blessed us by allowing us to stay here while only paying board while we save for a deposit on our own house. Hopefully within the span of 3 or so years. It makes me giddy just thinking about it. We are also going to give the flat a fresh coat of paint and possibly possibly get a new kitchen put in! The old one is so not workable for long period of time - no lights, a TINY amount of bench space and drawers that stick shut but with a clever daddy such as I have I know we will be able to work something out that is stylish and well in budget.

So I thought I'd get all the dimensions and start designing up a new workable kitchen up :)
wanna peak at 'our place'?
this is the existing layout and furniture...
Because it is so small (and I come with a heck of a lot of stuff) we need to get clever with storage solutions - so I am on the look out for clever ways to use the space.
We will have the beautiful and spacious main bedroom and the second bedroom will become a spare room/study/craft and sewing room  (but mostly a craft room) - I'm so excited to get my own!
I am also trying to combine to kitchen dining area to make the space more workable and to give us more space overall.
 it's so very cute and I can't wait to make it look more like 'us' 
our first fun little love nest :)


Have you seen this blog yet?
I think it's just the cutest!
"Leah Dieterich's mother always told her to write thank you notes. So she does. To everything."
seriously seriously sweet!
we're giggling it up over here.
some favourites...
Also enjoying this song 
+ this song too.
We enjoyed singing some really girly songs together on the way down to Sydney today.
and my, oh my that boy of mine can hit some high high notes!!!
I'd have to say I am also enjoying that
because it makes me laugh :)