Nov 28, 2009


Today we got our first piece of furniture for our house - for the craft room to be exact!
A chest of drawers sitting at the end of our street with a sign attached that read "Free"
I was immediately sold...
(probably before I even checked the condition it was in!- which is really good by the way)
I am seeing a new coat of fresh white paint over the existing pine and some pretty patterns to line the drawers. It wouldn't fit in Morgan's car boot so I jokingly said he'd have the carry it up the street - he didn't even think twice before he picked up those heavy drawers and started waddling up the street proudly providing for his Mrs-to-be.

Then we had this funny conversation:

K: "Watching you proudly carry that heavy chest of drawers up the street for me in 34 degree heat made me fall in love with you all over again!"
M: *laughing at me* ... "34 degree heat huh?" (yup that's the bit he chose to take from that sentence!)
K: "yup, why's that so funny?"
M: "that's really precise"

He then goes on to cheekily say that he thinks it actually feels a bit more like "31"
There are kisses and then he jumps into his car to leave and pushes the button to check the outside temperature.
And I see him laughing his head off.
He winds the window down and I hear
& that was the part where I won...
both a man who carry's heavy cupboards for me without thinking twice and the ability to correctly guess the heat of the day!

ps. did I mention it was HOT!?
both him AND today ;)

Nov 20, 2009

kt hearts ...

Inside Out Magazine's Christmas special which showed up on my door a few weeks ago (my lovely Aunty K brought me a ears subscription for my birthday - score!)
As this is an Australian magazine and many of you, my dear readers will not be able to get your hands on a copy here is some delicious eye candy just for you...

oh how i want to make one of these paper wreaths!

an amazing christmassy treehouse!

and how I love this Christmas tree take.
Infact I have seen one similiar at ne of our local shops - so pretty!
Although M is definitely a real pine tree kinda guy. mmm maybe we one day can have two trees?!

& look circle garlands on the front cover similar to the ones I made last year :)

ps. today marked ONE year exactly till I become a Mrs!! I can't wait to start our life together.
Today while waiting for our Chinese takeaway (we spoiled ourselves tonight) I asked M how many different emotions he thinks he will go through exactly one year from now...
to which he chuckled and teasingly replied
"uggh do we have to talk about our emotions?!"
of course my dearest that's just what we girls do :)
but he did tell me he will cry for sure - aaaw!!

Nov 15, 2009

the one where I am super proud :)

So I was on a bit of a role there for awhile.. but I seem to have lost my momentum, that and I am in the middle of my FINAL assessment before I am a qualified junior designer - yes I said FINAL.. eek! So that is (mostly) all I have been doing lately. But last night I took a break curled my hair and put on a cute skirt and we went out to support our amazing friend Corinne (you met her a few posts ago) and her band Jonnday at their cd launch and live dvd recording. And it was great - they are all such talented musicians and I was so proud of Miss Rinny, who is their new lead singer and has an amazing voice - but I'm biased right? I also loved one of their supporting artists Amy Rose Buckle who has the darlingest voice... I am sure I was standing there with my mouth gaping open at the way she just sat there singing like it was the easiest thing in the world. And some fun shots of the gorgeous Rinny (and the band)...

isn't she cute?
And here is their trailer just so you can here her sing :)

 ooh and you can listen to their music on their myspace here too.

Nov 5, 2009

kt hearts ...

This cute free download - a customizable card & hand drawn labels.
I of course love the little bird motif...
+ also the free recipe card download 
+ this free library card download too!
Seriously if you do not already follow the creature comforts blog - you should check it out, there is so much daily eye candy and inspiration over there!

Nov 3, 2009

super gorgeous girls

We now have a full bridal party & can I just say that my bridesmaids are amazing and fun and oh so cute! They have even made themselves a private facebook group (which I am not privy to) to "To bring us all closer together in preparation for the big day!" aaww
I wanted to think of a fun way to ask these girls to have a special part in our day so I made them each a little card out of some lovely Heather Bailey scrapbooking paper and ribbon.
It was such a great idea because not only did I get to sit down and play with pretty paper but I got to really think why I wanted these girls to be my bridesmaids and what they mean to me (& M).
And it was fun to look at their faces as they read over the card and then came to the word 'bridesmaid' - in fact one of them even started crying :)

so would you like to meet them?

My Maid of Honour
my amazing, sweet and beautiful cousin.
Miss Mac # 1 (but only cause shes the oldest - or so we have to keep telling her ;)
So many fun childhood memories, so many similar interests.
& so many laughs and good chats when we get together.
I love her fiercely!
plus she's so cute - she was SO super excited when I asked her and after screaming and hugging she went out and brought a 'bridesmaid handbook' and has been reading it ever since. She's also already starting to plan the hens and kitchen tea party and been in contact with dress makers too.
Morgan's gorgeous sister.
so loving. so supportive. so helpful. so sweet. so caring. so fun to be around + to laugh with.
& SO glad I get her as my sister-in-law :)
She's also wedding-blog obsessed too and has been sharing lovely things she knows I will just adore.
and she's a frequent reader of my blog - hi lovely!!
and no she doesn't usually wear masks but I just adore this photo of her :) 

my dearest friend since junior high school.
in 2007 we got her to the chapel to marry her prince + now it's her turn.
Leese is also the creative eye behind all our engagement photoshoot photos
& many of the photos at our engagement party.
she's creative, funny and super fun to be around too!!

I have been blessed to have known this funny and spunky girl for around 15 years!!
she is beautiful inside. outside and upside down.
not only does she makes our hairs look pretty
but she is also a great friend (to us both)
and we share such fun memories together as well as many little letters we have sent to each other over the years - oh my they are so funny to read over!

aren't they beautiful?