Jan 31, 2008

dusk walks..

The other day Morgan and i went for a walk down along the waterfront bike track after dinner. Despite being puffed very early on - i must endevour to walk more often! it was very beautiful and peaceful and we found these beautiful big wild flowers. Morgan picked some for me and i put them on my bedside table next to the little perfume vase my brother brought me for Christmas (isn't it sweet?!) My mum did ask me who's garden we stole them from - i have been known to do this - naughty naughty me! but they were just growing there next to the train station parking lot. Yay!
does anyone know what they are by any chance? i don't know much about flowers, for all i know their just river weeds, pretty river weeds though!

Jan 30, 2008

little loves...

what a clever little idea i stumbled across today! these little fridge magnet buttons are by Agnes Coy - you can view her shop here here. And i think they are so very cute! She also has many other gorgeous little designs..i am especially loving the trunk purse, pocket tissue holders and the linen bird pillow. i also think these would make a lovely gift.

I have some of these badges at home, which i brought but never really wore on a bag or anything, they just live inside a small container in my drawer, so i think i might glue some magnets onto the back and use them as fridge magnets. This way everyone can enjoy them :) - they are not fabric, but Japanese rice paper! Yum!!

Jan 25, 2008

that 70's book..

Hooray for working withing walking distance to about 4 op shops :)!! a couple of weeks ago at lunchtime i popped into Vinnies and came out with these great treasures...

oks: The complete sewing course and a fantastic 70's read the complete book of Handicrafts ($2 each). The complete sewing course is full of and information on different sewing techniques, hand stitches, trims and finishes, how to change patterns and even includes some gorgeous patterns - (kimono, cot quilt, camisole and skirt, kiddies 'dungarees' etc). The Handicraft book is huge.. with so much exciting stuff I'm try!
- smocking, embroidery, appliqué, knitting (and different stitches), crochet, patchwork, tatting - has anyone tried this before? it's looks fun and effective!- macrame, tapestry, rugmaking!?!, leatherwork, paperwork, basketwork, jewelery, toy making, hats etc etc etc and some great charts ie: dictionary of yarn types, knitting yarn tension guide, needle and thread stitch for what type of fabric your using, guide to pattern sizes... i could keep going on! what a little treasure I've found!!
and i also found these 2 fun vintage patterns. although they are sizes 12-14 and 16 and large. so I'm not quite sure what I'll do with them yet:( but they were too cute to resist AND the lady ended up saying i could have them for free!! and I'm sure theres something in that complete sewing course book about changing pattern sizes :)...

heres a little peek inside the handicrafts book:

i definitely want to try out those oven mits!

and how cute is this little smock??

matching mother and daughter smocks (yes theres a pattern) - cute, although I don't think it'd ever wear it! and i like this little crocheted dress, oh and the long socks!! :)
oh and did i mention it has lots of cute apron patterns too?!!

Jan 21, 2008

Jan 16, 2008

little birds

Today while browsing through the blogging world i came across this cute little owl made by Rebecca over at Hurrah! I came home from work and started rummaging through my material collection (or lack thereof!) all i knew was i just had to make one too! i found some aqua tweed and a scrap of lace that i has been savouring for a moment such as this (despite the numerous times my mother has tried to throw it out!) Some matching buttons and two hours later and he was all finished! When i look at him he makes me happy and i feel accomplished to have done something crafty today *grin*. I also spent a little while mucking around trying to make up a pattern until i realised that Rebecca had also posted the moonstitches 'tutowlrial', where her idea originally came from. it is such a simple and pretty tutorial and you can view it here. Now that i'm inspired i've decided to make a similar one but bigger (as mr owl at the moment stands 8.5 cm's tall) and i feel he needs a friend. the last picture of the tutorial also gave me the idea to make some for Keara and print each letter of her name on each owls stomach. i think they would look really cute lined up on her shelf! i'll keep you posted on how that goes..

thanks for your inspiration Rebecca!

also today i finally received my special package from Argentina (also my Christmas present from Morgan). it's a a print from etsy by Munieca called patterned birds. it's just the right size for the wall i wanted to put it on and i can't wait to frame it and hang it up! it's simple but i like all the different patterns and the colours just go perfect with my room :)!

I think i am starting to have a strange obsession with birds. Weird. Especially since they are the only one thing in the world i am scared of! give me spiders and snakes and heights any day but give me a bird that starts flapping in my face and thats it! chickens are even worse. weird..

Jan 12, 2008

magazine clippits..

Today, today I am simply inspired by this beautiful photograph. i don't know who the photographer is, but it's a page out of the fashion section in this months Marie Claire. theres just something about it that captures my attention and makes me day dream..

the elegant loose curly hairdo.
the oversized hair clip.
the cute grin.
the way she is clasping the antique camera.
i love it all! :)

it reminds me of summer and encourages me to enjoy all the summery aspects that are happening down here in the southern hemisphere at the moment..
running around barefoot, mangoes for breakfast...mangoes for lunch...mangoes as snacks... mangoes for dessert :), beach days that stretch long into the afternoon and leave you feeling sleepy and content when you get home, ice cubes in drinks, sweet summery dresses, late night walks, iced coffees, bright summery colours and warm pastels...

small simple pleasures that warm the heart.

Jan 11, 2008

messy business..

so I’ve been meaning to post this for some time now, but I’ve been so busy holidaying away! but now that it’s back to work and routine time (urgghk!).. here is my latest finished craft project. My second sock animal - a stripey elephant! (or as my brother used to say.. elfadent, which are also close friends to the dolphadents!) These cute little creatures are from the book sock and glove (see previous posts)

I liked the name Eleanor or Ella, mum liked Ellie and Morgan..well he insisted on calling her Elton! So i told him i'd make him another blue elephant whom he could call elton..a boy one! but really, it didn't matter what i said this elephant will always be known to morgan as elton the pink elephant..
So here is eleanor/elton and chops (the lamb) all wrapped up ready to give to precious little Keara. Whom we visited and had some cuddles and bath times with last week. Still waiting for morgan and Lar to email me through those photos..

as part of the pressie, I also made some baby bibs. These were made out of tea towels.
my mum first discovered these when she was given 2 as a present when she had me. she thought this was such a great idea.. apparently normal bibs didn't 'do it' for me.. and i still got just as much food (or dribble, apparently i was also a chronic dribbler) all over my clothes, even if I was wearing one of my pretty little bibs! she has since made a number of these for new little babies that have come along and i decided it was my turn. ( i also came across something similiar on a Martha Stewart page)

they are so simple to make too. basically you just fold a third of the bib to the back and cut out a semi cirle (mine was 6.5" across and 2" deep at the centre point) i also used a bread and butter plate as a semi circle guide. then sew ribbing (I made mine 11.5"x3.5") by pining it in quarters around the neck hole, as you would to a jumper neckline(using a slightly zig zagged stitch). and your done!! there also quite cheap, but make beautiful hand made gifts and we continued to wear ours well into our toddler years.

here's a photo of me in my 'tea-towel' bib in 1989:

i was obviously chuffed about it...or possibly whatever it is i was eating and getting everywhere!

Jan 6, 2008

continued book love!

This craft idea comes courtesy of my mother-in-law-to-be-hopefully who labels herself as 'a terribly uncrafty person' - which is a very terribly untrue statement! She is always baking yummy little cookies and cakes, oh and her Portuguese custard tarts!! She knits - and is going to teach me how to knit come winter so i can make some cute snuggle blankets, like the one she made last winter :) She also made a bunch of these beaded bookmarks to give away to family and friends as little Christmas tokens - which i thought was such a cute idea! (sure it was an idea given to her by a 'crafty' friend, but it takes a level of creativeness to know which beads to place together and to make pretty colour schemes just like she did!)

also the 1000th reason of 'why i love my Morgan'... the said Morgan chose to sit down with me last night (dessert included) and craft!!! we made these fun beaded bookmarks (pictured) And he choose to spend this time crafting with me, even though there was a brand new episode of top gear recorded and ready to watch, which i knew he was just hanging out to go and watch!! isn't he a keeper?!?

(sidenote:) M- these little things you do, just mean so much to me!!

i don't have a picture of Morgan's bookmark - but it was very cool and 'manly'. it was made out of purple ribbon, he tried the brown, but it was too thick! :( , wooden beads and a silver dangley cross ornament - it indeed looked awesome!

also a quick note on how to get the knot tight. tie the end knot first then when you tie the second knot use a thick needle (or like-material) to pull the knot tightly towards the beads - as pictured.

Jan 5, 2008

sweet reads..

lately im so obsessed with books. this week alone i have brought 4!
today Morgan and I 'popped' into Koorong to pick up a book which was part of a series my parents brought me for Christmas. They were only able to pick up 1,3 & 5 and had to order 2 &4. This made reading quite difficult as i've had to savour each chapter and have been waiting eagerly for number 2 (having finished book 1 a week or so ago). i'm thinking maybe this is a good thing for me, a person who loves to devour a whole novel in one night?!
anyways we 'popped into Koorong' to grab my book and came out with 3 books (for myself) and a cd (the New Reliant K - for M) & a fish symbol for m's new car.. i just love impulsive buys like this! and they WERE having a sale - thus justifying our little splurge :)
besides books are one of the things u can keep..and enjoy over and over again right??

Here's what i brought:

* Beverley Lewis' Abram's daughters series (1-5) .
The Covenant
The Betrayal (we picked up this one today *grin*)

The Sacrifice

The Prodigal
The Revelation
abit of a book blurb...
bascially follows the lives of 4 courting aged sisters in the Amish Community in Lancaster Country after WWII, while they are each going through their rumschpringe (a period of time in which young Amish people are given the chance to explore the outside world before they choose to become baptized into the Amish church). i find this series 'simply Wonderful-Gut'!

* Karen Kingsbury: A time to dance

(ah yes yet another romance novel for the collection)

and a devotional book 'New Day New You' by Joyce Myer

oh and wait.. make that 5 books this week.. i also picked up 'Bart Simpson's Guide to life - a wee handbook for the perplexed' for my brother for his birthday, which is in March. man..I'm feeling so organised! (good thind he knows nothing of this blog!).
btw: originally $24.95 reduced to $7! yipee!! it's also quite cute.

now i must inform dad that i need a new bookshelf...
and continue the rest of my lazy reading weekend! :)

Jan 3, 2008


i brought this book of amazon on tues.
i am eagerly awaiting it to arrive in the mail.
i am so very happy! :)
i am also loving amazon
- why is it so much cheaper to buy books online there and then have then shipped from the states than to buy it at a bookstore here???

Jan 2, 2008

thrifty finds!

being incredibly inspired by many other blogs, (particularly Soule Mamma's blog) and her amazing 'thrifting' finds (not used to that word, but i like it) i decided to go thrifting. i have always loved op shopping and am more than happy to spend blissful hours in one shop scrounging to the back shelf for anything interesting. I remember many trips to different op shops, particularly 'browse about' with my aunts (my dad's three crazy sisters) and my grandma and some cousins whenever we were all together each coming home with a $5 bag. My school also used to have an op shop and we sneaked to it during our free periods a few times! so i decided it was about time i started op shopping again.. here are some of my finds from last Saturday:

a bedspread ($3) isn't it cute!? definetly a favourite!

a 'horrible histories' book for my brother to add to his collection (50c!!):

some off cut fabric possibly for when i learn to patchwork. hello new years resolution! :) - 80c

a pattern book for children ($1), which i brought just for the pattern of a cute little smock :)
i was so happy when i got it home and realised that the patterns are still stuck in the little instruction book and have never been used! (see top photo)

some hallmark cards 50c-$1:

and quite possibly my favourite find, a book on 'Country Decorating' with the original price tag ($64.40 from Dymocks), which i scored for a whole $1!! the cover is pretty faded and dody, so i was pleasantly surprised when i opened it up and saw the beautiful photography and fun projects such as making little tea candles out of jam jars, how to distress a frame and furniture, make a window dressing, a beach canopy, window curtains and some fun table decoration ideas etc etc. i just love this book so much!

after christmas...

so the Christmas season is finally over and i just want to say Merry Christmas to everyone out there in the blogging world (and whom ever reads this post!) Thankyou for all your crafty ideas and inspirations on your beautiful blogs! i was inspired this year to make gifts, try my hand at making shortbread and gingerbread men and this made my Christmas so much more enjoyable!

I also thought i'd post up this yummy recipe for left over Christmas Turkey..because i think it's a great idea AND so i didn't want to loose the recipe!! :)

Turkey Lettuce Wraps:
  • 160g bean vermicelli noodles (also called Rice Vermicelli..the long skinny noodles)
  • 40g snow-pea sprouts, trimmed
  • 3 green onions, finely sliced (aka shallots)
  • 1 carrot, grated
  • 200g shredded leftover turkey
  • 1/4 cup chopped fresh coriander
  • 2 tablespoons lime juice
  • 1 tablespoon sweet chilli sauce
  • ½ teaspoon fish sauce
  • butter-lettuce leaves, washed

    1.Place noodles in a large heatproof owl and cover with boiling water. Stand for 5 minutes then drain. Rinse under cold water. Drain well. Return to bowl and roughly chop with scissors.
    2. Add snow-pea sprouts, onion, carrot, turkey and coriander. In separate bowl, combine juice and sauces, then toss through turkey mixture.

    3. Place piles of mixture onto lettuce leaves for guests to roll up and eat

This has quickly become a favourite recipe and quick healthy lunch. I also tried the same mixture with lettuce, extra sweet chilli sauce and mayonnaise in a tortilla wrap - it was also scrummy!

now it seems i've taken to eating many meals in little lettuce bundles, including Mum's chicken stir fry with cashews and vermicelli noodles. it's nice to think i'm being healthy and theres something so simplistic and fun about eating with your fingers, placing together your meal as you eat! :)

This morning I also sat myself down with our pile of Christmas cards and some scissors. This is another of my 'After Christmas Ideas' as the cut-up pretty pictures on the front of the cards make great little gift tags for Christmas presents the next year..and can save on another Christmas expense. This is also a great idea for recycling those amazing hand made cards that just too amazing to throw away.

In other news I would just like to say Happy Birthday to my Grandma who's birthday was yesterday, New Years Day. I spent alot of time with my grandma growing up 'helping her' with meals on wheels, sitting impatiently at her side as she sewed yet another dolls and barbie clothes, pjamas or dresses for me, all the while wearing my 'Grandma spoils me hat', boy i loved that hat! and who could forget the christmas decoration craft, made out of old christmas cards cut into triangler shapes, bended and glued together in a sphere shape! she was also crafty with her own children, making cardboard stencils of cars and sewing cute clothes for all 6 of them!

Happy Birthday BUMA - i love you!!