Aug 26, 2009

Party Planning

Posting because I just can't sleep... and yes it's more wedding musings ;)

Engagement party planning this time and of course knowing me I just CAN'T seem to keep it simple!

M dropped in after a band prac tonight and played around with the colour scheme with me in photoshop.
hopefully we are on the same wave length now ;)
meaning I took the PINK (which he wears all the time) out of the design ;)
I've been particularly inspired by this wedding stationary set.

So we are thinking...

* A garden party luncheon at his parents house.
* A m+k= <3 theme inspired by these free downloadable cupcake toppers.
* cupcakes & cute DIY cupcake toppers.
* home made lemonade (an absolute Morgan favourite).
* Cheese platters (an absolute Katie favourite).
* lawn games & quizzes.
* A cute sundress.
* DIY drink stirrers inspired by these.
* jam jars with flowers in them tied with orange ribbon.
* a string pegged full of photographs & well wishes.
* a yellow, orange and red theme. Hot Hot Hot!

Wow we must be REALLY craving summer huh! I usually get like this at the end of August...
I am a summer loving girl and it's a month that plays with my emotions so much. A snippet of summer here and then the next day cold again. ughk!
and Mr M adores the summer too. In fact he took himself off to the beach this afternoon after work where he got asked "how you doin?" and checked out by some girls.
Yes that's my boy!
He's spunky and he's totally taken ;)

Aug 24, 2009

a Venue!!!

So last Saturday my mum, Morgan and I took a drive up north to the Hunter Valley, which is home to many amazing wineries, beautiful country homes and holiday destinations.
To look at churches and reception venues.
And we have found one!
(A reception venue that is!)
A Venue we both fell in love with the moment we walked in.
A venue all three of us could just see holding our wedding - my mum even got a little teary!
A venue where we could see our guests mingling in the courtyard, and on the verandah, having drinks and canapes on the lawn, photos in amongst the vines and dining in the most amazing barrel room ever - oh my those lights, those walls, those barrels (which they fill with tea lights on the night).
A venue that fits well into the budget (It is the cheapest venue we have come across & I love how it is also our favourite - thank you lord!).
A venue where the staff is so friendly and accommodating and flexible and who has said as long as you are happy we are happy too!

The staff at Margan (yes almost spelt 'Morgan'!) and their wedding planner Randi (she is SO lovely) have been so accommodating and are willing to hold both dates we are after for a week until we have a definite date booked with the church (that is what we will be up to this Saturday) and all with no deposit!

the beautiful gates, there are lots like this around the property
and also...
a veggie garden which are used fresh for the restaurants seasonal menus.
free range chickens and the cutest little chicken shed for photos.
a courtyard with a fountain and pretty lights.
a lawn area which looks out onto the rows of vines and the large mountains in the background.
a beautiful bar area which we like is separate from the barrel room.
Another room perfect for mingling, putting a guest book and which has comfortable moveable couches and arm chairs for those tired dancing feet.
But each area which flows and is open to the other.
And the whole estate is ours and our guests from 5pm!

So by this Saturday we should know...
either the 13th or 20th of November 2010 we will be husband and wife..
As you can imagine...
We can hardly wait!

the winner...

So I do believe that i promised to draw the giveaway today...
I had planned to do a cute video, involving balloons and M and I running through them and balloons with names in them being popped and some fun music (I even brought those balloons!)
something creative...
but alas a full Saturday of driving around wine country looking at wedding venues and a Sunday of bike riding and sunshine dragged me away from said plans.
So I simply drew a name from a pretty little vase instead, but there is still a winner indeed :)

So here are the lovely ladies who have entered. They are all so sweet and have some amazingly creative ideas so stop on by and say hello for yourself...

Jess from Living the Swell Life showcases her swell wedding here.
Leslie from My Happily Ever After remembers her amazing 'i do's' here.
Kim from Adventures of a Supermom lets us have a sneak at her special day here.
Skippy Mom has a lovely sweet idea for wedding favours here.
My real life friend Niki from Friday Enough actually made her own wedding dress! & shows her wedding off here.
ArtseyAnne from Creative Caring's mother remade her debut dress into her wedding dress.
newlywed Kate (as in a few weeks!) from KtDid has some beautiful creative images of her wedding here.
Katie from My Paisley Apron blogs about her fall wedding here.
Courtney from A Cottage Family gave some great advice as she remembered her own winter wedding here.
Unfortunately Chelle from the Value of Cheerfulness' wedding photos are all packed up in between house moves but she has a spot full of all kind of wedding ideas and inspiration images here.

And the winner is Miss ...

Jess if you could email me your address to I will send something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue off in the post for you soon :)

And thank you everyone who entered you definitely had some fun and amazing ideas to share and some beautiful weddings.
It was such fun to read about all the stories and details of your wedding days.
All these ideas have definitely inspired us in our wedding planning to make something truly unique and creative and we very much enjoyed the fun ideas and advice!

Thanks again girls! :D

Aug 20, 2009

Giving it away!

Just a little reminder to anyone who was wanting to enter the 'Something old, something new, something crafty, something blue' giveaway but has not yet posted or commented. Giveaway ends today (Friday) at 12.00 am Sydney time :)
ok seriously why am I up at 12.05 am? Definitely not to write this post I assure you!
ok I'm off to bed now and hoping to wake up to some fun wedding posts?! :)

Aug 11, 2009


Hi all...
just a little reminder that there is only a little bit over a week until the 'Something old, something new, something crafty, something blue' giveaway is closed.
Closing on Friday 21st August 12.00 (Eastern Australian time)
So if you haven't joined in yet & would like to please do.
pretty pretty please say you will!!

You can enter here.
& I will be uploading a list of all the ladies who have participated - there has already been some lovely ideas and memories shared :)

ps. you don't have to already be married to enter. Sharing an idea you have seen online, or from a wedding you have attended will grant you entry into the draw aswell!

Aug 5, 2009

Petals on the bed

I had a bad day today.
One of those days where everything goes wrong, you seem to get nothing accomplished and you just end up getting awfully frustrated, and believe me 21 year old meltdowns are not so pretty!
All I wanted to do was get home, climb into bed and have a good cry.
So can you imagine the way my heart just melted when I got home, noticed the glow of my lamp under my door and walked into my bedroom as saw this little sweetness left on my bedside table by Mr M?
Flower petals on the bed.
A bunch of fresh flowers in a vase on my bedside.
& some lollies - 'push pops' (Which we were just talking the other day - how much I loved these when I was little).
In that moment all of the day just melted away and I was suddenly smiling & realizing how blessed I am to be living this life with him to make me smile.

once again can I just say that I am so lucky to get to marry this sweet boy :)