Feb 22, 2008

dreaming of wintertime...

or white??...

i am loving this jacket i found on ebay (great prices too, infact the shipping is nearly as expensive as the item!) i want one! pity i've already gone over my budget for this week... i'm looking at you Amy Butler patterns! :)

Feb 21, 2008


what could be more exciting than these gorgeous Japanese fabrics i just brought from the quilting fabric section in Spotlight?? (p.s i hope they get a bigger selection in - i'm in love!)...

how about finally posting up a picture of my apron. 12 days after i said i would. oops! i'm sorry. so here it is finally, my double sided vintage apron..

I used the directions from Amy Karol's bend the rules sewing and did a few adjustments (including making it double sided) and remember my op shopped book the complete sewing book? well it told me step by step how to do the pockets.

This pocket here^^ just happens to be my favourite bit of the whole apron :) i once again just stumbled across that piece of lace in my sewing stash and it was pretty much the perfect length and had circles in it - just like the pocket fabric. When i finished this pocket i sat and stared at it for awhile..then i took it upstairs with me while we were all watching tv and stole some more glances at it - ugh im such a loser :)

and heres the pocket of the other side:

Feb 11, 2008

apron love

top left: by Amy Karol of Angry Chicken
top middle: vintage apron from Raya's at the Paper Pony's collection
top right: by Jennifer from the felt mouse
middle left: another cutie by Amy of Angry Chicken
middle middle: by Shanna from pinktrees
middle right: by Jean from cpotion
bottom left: created by Shannon at ifsew
bottom middle: by Erin from house on hill road
bottom right: by Dorie over at tumbling blocks

I finally did it..after much searching and 'oohing' and 'aahing' over the cute aprons across the blogging world i have almost completed my first apron! it's very cute. and i pretty much love it. alot! i keep wanting to just look at it and hold it and wear it even when I'm not cooking (and it's still held together by pins). I also wanted to take it to work, but don't worry...i was able to restrain myself hehe :) i will try and upload a photo tomorrow when its finished (I've just got to attach the waistband) so in the mean time here are some of my favourite aprons, most from tie one on flickr group.

Feb 7, 2008

things i like... (part II)

i also brought these for me :)
they are from the etsy shop my paper garden
they are little tag collages and i am thinking of framing them for my room, for one thin blank wall i have or to group in a collection on prints and frames on my shelf.

things i like..

i just brought some of these vintage letter press stamps from etsy. They are for Morgan's new room. I think they will look great either clumped together on his shelves, put in a shadow box frame or possibly into a canvas as an artwork. does anyone else have any clever ideas?