Oct 31, 2009

being still on a saturday afternoon.

I saw this over on Ali Edward's blog (if you like scrap booking you will love her blog!) - she was inspired by this and thought it was a lovely little quiz to play along with...

Outside my window... yummy fresh springtime smells, a soft breeze, a little sunshine and blue sky (finally) - yay!

I am thinking... of traveling to the USA for our blog meetup & all the fun & planning between now & then!! seriously my head is spinning with fun ideas & wedding crafts which this lady & this one are going to help me with! & the fun this lady and I will get up to too!

I am thankful for ... lovely friends & one who has just completely blessed my socks today! again, thank you!

From the kitchen... burrito's & tacos for my brother (his fav meal) for when he gets home from school tonight for our 'sibling date'
+ fresh watermelon & choc mint drumsticks - my treats for the week :)

I am wearing... dark denim skinny jeans, white t-shirt with gold braiding, no shoes and my glasses.

I am creating... a shopping list for this weeks meal plan (my parents are holidaying on an island off the coast of Brisbane, Stu is at school and I am fending for myself for the week!).
+ also some more laptop cozies.

I am going ... to Spotlight, very soon! & will try (really hard!) not. to. buy. anymore. fabric!!

I am reading ... 'Before you plan your wedding, plan your marriage' together with M. It was an awesome engagement gift from my parents-in-law-to-be. Where only up to chapter one, but I will let you know how it is.

I am hoping... for a kitchenaid mixmaster for our kitchen!

I am hearing... this song. I love the words.

Around the house ... lots & lots of cleaning - fresh sheets, fresh laundry, vacuumed & dusted rooms & a feeling of accomplishment. Now on to chats with my brother who just walked in the door as we catch up on whats been happening in our lives this week.

One of my favourite things ... the fact that summer & the Christmas season is coming up! I'm dreaming of beach days, picnics, boating trips, swimming, cute summery dresses, cocktails, nigh time bbq's & delicious salads - I am SUCH a summer girl!

A few plans for the rest of the week ... college. college. college. and to actually get started on my final assessment which I have been slightly putting off!

A picture to share ...
I was going through the old photos the other night and here are...
the original young lovers.
at Grandma's 21st birthday/their engagement party.

ps. I want that dress!

please play along if you'd like to too, ok?

Oct 29, 2009

paper scraps.

Hurray - we finally finished writing all our thank you notes for our lovely engagement presents.
& wow we did seem to be writing forever!!We had quite a few scraps left over from the guest book (and all pre cut too!) so we used them to make our 'scrappy-thank yous.
It was as simple as cutting and folding some white cardstock (which was on hand from when we made the invites), some thank you's printed off on my new love - graph paper and a roll of double sided tape.& inside each card we incorporated our m+k theme..
& thank you to Mr M for helping me glue, stick, writing the envelopes and for writing the majority of these cards while I helped dictate - yes my left handed fiance has neater handwriting than me!
& also for that night where we couldn't breathe because we just laughed and laughed over how to word them when we got stuck on "thank you for the towels...!"
your just the best!

chic & simple.

one thing I love about Amazon, is how it remembers what you've bought or looked at and gives you suggestions to other items you might like (or is this a dangerous tool!?).
One item that popped up for me when I was browsing the other day was this sewing book:
and I think I NEED it :)
I am a sucker for all the fun photography, how they are classified as 'simple', the pretty pages and I love the outfits shown (particularly the dress on the front cover).
here are some of the other patterns:
you can find this book here on Amazon.com.
... or my Christmas wish list ;)

Oct 28, 2009

blog award.

my newly found blog friend and sweet lady Cassie from hydrangeas and white daises (I think you need to pop on over to her little spot and say hello) has just awarded me the 'Over the top' blog award. aaaw thanks Cassie. Part of this award is answering this little quiz and passing it on to 6 other bloggy friends.
so here goes ...

1. where is your cell phone: still in the bag I took to college today. mmm I probably should check that ...
2. your hair: is in need of a trim, but is getting longer & is just sitting below my shoulders now yay!
3. your father: sitting next to me on the couch in his jammies all sleepy and cuddly.. aaaw!
4. your favourite food: SO many, but I am definitely a sucker for brie cheese and crackers.
5. your dream from last night: no idea!? I just never seem to remember my dreams except this one I just remembered I blogged about hehe
6. Your favourite drink: I guess it depends on my mood... peach iced tea, plain tea, chai lattes, golden circle pine coconut which sadly only comes in the small tetra carton :(
7. Your dream/goal: to be a mum & have a creative at-home business on the side.. stay tuned ;)
8. what room are you in: the lounge room, snuggled up with my mumma, dadda, aunt, uncle and incredibly sleepy puppy.
9. what is your hobby: do I need to answer this one ;) crafting, sewing, taking photos & snuggling M :D
10. what is your fear: birds - especially the vicious ones at circular quay!!
11. where do you want to be in 6 years: owning our own little home near the beach, being a mum to our little ones and more mature in my faith.
12. where were you last night: at home .. doing nothing exciting.
13. something you are not: looking forward to all the work I have to do on my final major assessment over the next month!
14. muffins: I'm not really into cakes and sweets as much as savoury - that would be M, although the white chocolate and raspberry muffins we had at my 21st were delicious!!
15. wish list items: see below post & side list :)
16. where did you grow up: from the age of 4 in the house I still live right now & for a few years in a house a few doors down which my parents rented while we built our current home.
17. last thing you did: cleaned my teeth
18. what are you wearing: my flanelette pj's and fuzzy pink socks. And thinking I should be wearing cute summer jammies by now - it is nearly Nov and it's STILL cold?!
19. your tv: is upstairs and off.
20. your pets: have gone to bed ready for another big day at the 'office' with dad.
21. your friends: are awesome to have dinner and board game nights with!
22. your life: is pretty good and about to get super exciting next year!
23. your mood: slightly frustrated that I can't seem to accomplish everything I want to in the amount of time I have.
24. missing someone: my baby brother who I feel like I havent seen in ages & just facebooked me!! He is currently at school and won't be home till after sport on sat afternoon and then back again on Sun night :( I feel in need of one of our sibling dates!
25. vehicle: super yummy subaru liberty ;) ooh wait that's 'ours'... I mean M's car ;) (he hates when I try and call it mine) .. I have a crappy little two door dark green excel with no power steering which hasnt been cleaned since the crazy red dessert dust storm last month!! note to self: wash car this weekend!
26. something your not wearing: my engagement ring - it's in it's little dish beside my bed for sleepy time.
27. your favourite store: Spotlight! & the creative little homewares shops on Darby Street, Newcastle!!
28. your favourite colour: too many to choose from - maybe green or yellow, pink has it's moments too?!
29. when's the last time you laughed: most probally today - my college friends are crazy and silly!
30. whens the last time you cried: ? but it was probally over a sappy movie ;)
31. your best friend: my FIANCE!! woo woo
32. one place you go over and over: M's house?
33. one person who emails me regularly: Definetly M, Fairlight, Chelle and Leslie.
34. Favourite place to eat: so I have mentioned this to M before - how we don't have a favourite restaraunt and how we need to fix this!! There is a little cafe we've been meaning to try though!! Although the thai place near us is pretty good, even with the tacky light up palm trees and flowers (it is viva-la-"insert suburb here". I am serious!) I also love the thai place near Leesa and Sam's house in Newcastle - it has a fancy chandlier and they make a mean 'crouching tiger'!!

ok so I'm unsure who to pass this on too!
All my bloggy friends have such great and creative little spots!!
But if you would like to play along...
lets try Andi, Fairlight, Dawna, Chelle - because you havent blogged in a little bit and I miss you! And Jacy & Leslie because I always love hearing what you guys are up to - always!
Anyone else who wants to play along.. please feel free too aswell!

kt hearts ...

I thought it might be fun to start a new weekly edition to my blog -
To keep me motivated to continually blog
to share one of my favourite finds of the week
to file them all away for future reference
AND ...
so M can buy me them as presents - hehe! I'm dreaming I know, I know!

so welcome to Issue #1 of 'kt hearts'..

This little ceramic dish is from the shop Have you Met Miss Jones?
(which is in Alexandria, Sydney yippee - but you can buy online too!)
I would put this little dish next to my bed side table so I could stare at it each morning
and I would use it to put my jewelery in while I sleep/do housework.
It would work a lot better than my current shallow candle holder
- plus its really cute too!


Just some inspiration images (partly requested by this lady) for what I’d like our little flat to look like ...
homey. creative. bright. fresh. inspiring. mismatched.
a little quirky & a lot fun!
mmm a graphic print rug again - and love the fun yellow accent!!
danish inspired furniture and pieces..love the pom pom curtains & soothing colour palette !!!
how great are these colours?!
oooh this is like a resort. And white wooden shutter - my dream home has white wooden shutters which M has heard oh, a thousand times!!
blackboard walls are fun!
white shutters closing off the boudoir... mmmm
wooden floors.
white bright walls.
cute arrangement.
a zig zag rug!!
open shelving.
pendant lights.
natural light.
quirky artwork.
natural shapes.


Oct 26, 2009

setting up house.

We have a list.
A highly practical list.
Of things we need to set up home.
Things like…
- cutlery
- pots & pans
- a toaster …
Things that we don’t have yet.
But would you like to see what is on my dream list??
the list where money and space are not a problem?
It’s a FUN list!
an Eames Rocker.
in white.
With stainless steel legs.
an artisan kitchenaid mixmaster.
M likes the apple green one.
and I am tossing up between the 'ice blue'
... although I also like the pistachio one too!

This print & this one too.Ikea pendal floor clock/bookcase.
only $299 and such a cute item!
a new rug for the lounge room.
in a graphic print.
this one is from Spotlight found via ish & chi blog - here.
these ones are from West Elm.
- oh to have this shop in australia!a funky shower screen.
no idea where this is from, but I do love the print and colours!
lots of cute throw cushions.
This one is from etsy, although I have lost the link :(
love the frills!
pssst I just found the link on a giveaway!!
- Hettle.
An Eric Pfeiffer coffee table.
or side table.
or magazine holder.
- there's just something about molded wood :)white storage shelving unit & organizer
for the 'studio/spare bedroom'
love the style of this unit + having drawers included too.
I also thought this was a great idea for organizing fabric neatly in a closet :)
Found here.
+ I can't wait to make a 'his' and 'her' gumdrop cushion for the lounge room.
with the pattern I was lucky enough to get for my birthday :D!
ps. M – there is an actual literal list you may not be aware of quite yet! And yes the Eames chair is on it ;)