Oct 27, 2007

let's start at the beginning..

Hello and welcome to my very first post!
So today wasn't the most exciting day.. and i've hardly got anything exciting for a first post..but i've definetly been busy!
and my bedroom is so clean as a result. ok so it was mostly upturned in the hope of finding my plate, who's whereabouts is still a mystery... but it's clean none-the-less.
And i mean completely dusted and furniture moved and vacumed. i know! which only left time for an afternoon curl up with morgan, a good book and my wooden tea tray with tea and choclate..aren't i a lucky girl??
my little tea tray looked so good i really wanted to take a photo of it too, but my camera is broken so this post will just have to do with these old photos of morgan and i. I especially am loving the top photo and the way the camera focused in on the knit of my jumper :)

well goodnight, off to bed as tonight is day light savings and i'm about to loose an hour of sleep!
hopefully tomorrow i will have something more exciting to post..

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