Dec 23, 2007

feeling like christmas..

yesterday i finished wrapping all my presents and i'm so happy at how they turned out. I get excited and just love looking at them all placed together under the tree, with it's lights on sparkling all matching and such. i'm really the only one in my family who understands this need for decorative presents and the joy I get from them. mostly they just go along with my crazy ideas, and even let me strategically place their mismatched wrapped presents to the back of the tree. I’m always very grateful when I receive a present from them that is ‘specially wrapped’ with a home made gift tag. Their effort means more to me than the present itself, just knowing they care that much to make it special for me.

so here are a few favourite pictures of this years presents:

I know the pink ‘P’ gift tag Paige doesn’t really match the rest of the presents, when there all grouped together. But I just couldn’t resist the pretty pink flowered tissue paper and the way that it matches the gift inside and it just seemed very appropriate for Morgan's sister Paige...

the idea for the round gift tags with initials on them came from Nicole over at making it lovely, you should check out her amazingly wrapped gifts. I had three gift tags left to make and thought this would be nice and simple idea AND give me an excuse to buy those exciting decorative craft scissors I have been wanting for awhile! (and of course lead me to buy 2 and put some others on my future wish list hehe!)

i guess for some running around both spotlight AND lincraft with me and watching me wrap is just too exhausting! but i love you for coming and helping me my sweet morgan!

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  1. so i love your blog, its so cute and homey.

    and i completely understand the need for presents to look nice and matching.

    hope you had an excellent christmas and a very festive new year celebration

    love beth