Sep 24, 2011

actually been a-reading!

So it was back to work this week with me (boo!) but boy have I felt refreshed and re-energized!
AND On my week off I actually got to go and browse our local library (oh squeal!) Since I was a little kid I have always love the library and can you believe the last time I got to visit was grabbing some books to take on our honeymoon back in Nov last year!?!

Here is the somewhat random selection I picked up this time ... there not brand new or best sellers just books that grabbed my eye and might interested you too ...

1. Jamie Durie Patio - cause who doesn't love a bit of Jamie and the magic he can work in exterior spaces!!? This would make the perfect coffee table book and has actually been on my book depository wish list for awhile now along with the outdoor room and inspired!
This book has some really great ideas which I am eagerly filing away for the day we have our own outdoor space and not just a teeny tiny balcony to call out own :)
random side note: Anyone else really miss Backyard Blitz!! Morgan I may NEED this...

2. A Slice of Organic Life
There is so much useful information in the book about choosing to live more organically that I think I might have to put it on loan again. I really have a passion inside me to not only eat but to live more organically and have more knowledge on the products we use daily. 

3. Squeezed 250 juices + smoothies
Another re loan I think. We love our freshly squeezed juices around here, especially on the weekends when we actually have the time to make them! and with summer just around the corner I am excited at all the fruit opportunities that are coming. This book kinda won me over with it's lovely food photography (anyone else a sucker for pictures of yummy food?) and oh look husband I may have just added this book to my wishlist :)

4 + 5. Some fiction reading for the train
Lucy's Kiss and The Preachers Bride.
I've only just started Lucy's Kiss so I have no idea yet but The Preachers Bride was an easy read. It is based on the story of John Bunyan (who wrote Pilgrims Process) but it kinda made me sad as it really showcases the treatment of women and persecution of those who were trying to preach the gospel (unlicensed) in England during the 1600s.

SO what have you guys been reading - anything fun to recommend for my next trip to the library?


  1. I really must organise a trip to our local library, I have lived here with my husband for 9 years and never visited the library down here - which is terrible.
    At the moment all I am reading is pregnancy and baby books!! What To Expect When You Are Expecting has been my go-to read for so long now!

    Glad to hear your week off left you feeling refreshed xx

  2. I just finished reading One Day by David Nicholls which I thought was brilliant and one of those book vs movie situations where the book is hands down much, much better!

    I am now reading Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard - her story about falling in love with and marrying a French man and moving to Paris! I'm loving it! The only down-side is a constant craving four pan au chocolat!

  3. Cassie - love LOVE that you are into the baby books -its too exciting!!
    Maybe when baby comes along and gets a little older story time at the library will be just the excuse you need to visit!

    And Hi Fizz me up - thanks for the comment. I will have to look into those books aswell :)

  4. Well when it comes to reading books I am a shocker! I start but seem to not finish! So ones I'm 'currently' reading are "Loving Your Kids On Purpose" by Danny Silk a grace based parenting book. Teaching your kids to make the right decisions as they have a heart felt connection with you that they don't want to harm that connection. It's empowering kids to be responsible and much more!
    Also "4 Hour Week" - by Tim Ferris. A book that is inspiring both myself and Brant to get him out of the corporate rat race!
    I rarely read fiction because if I end up not liking it I feel as though I have wasted precious time and if I haven't learnt something again I've wasted time... think I need to get over that though. Got any good Christian fiction novel suggestions?

  5. Lar - I seem to do that with anything but fiction .. half finished books everywhere :)

    but hmm trying to think of a good Christian Fiction book. I guess it just depends what you like. I really enjoyed Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers :)
    And Sophie's Heart (although I forget the author)...