Oct 4, 2011

c'mon springtime (you can do it!)

spring is slowly starting to really appear around here. To which I let out the most unlady like - YIPPEE!!
I am such a warm weather girl!
and I have been having a little fun with my camera in my mother-in-laws lovely garden (total perk of living here...)
wanna have a look at what we're enjoying at the moment?
and meet Count Mondago - our resident water dragon - he hangs by the clothes line, always ready to freak a visitor out!
these pictures from the weekend are keeping me happy during this strange winter snap Sydney had been having over the past few days...
so, whats making you smile lately?
do share :)


  1. Happy Spring to you my dear...and I can't say that to just anyone you know. Love those lovely pics.

  2. Soooo pretty!! The flowers are gorgeous--and it totally blows my mind that you're welcoming SPRING right now!

    PS: I would probably scream if I saw Count Mondago in person.

  3. Hi there friend! What pretty pictures! And I echo Chelle and Nikki...so crazy that you are having Spring! I did remove myself from facebook and really don't miss it! So glad you are baking and enjoying one of your many aprons...it's been so long I don't even remember what it looks like!

  4. hi i love your blog! will be visiting regularly!

    love A x


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