Feb 21, 2008


what could be more exciting than these gorgeous Japanese fabrics i just brought from the quilting fabric section in Spotlight?? (p.s i hope they get a bigger selection in - i'm in love!)...

how about finally posting up a picture of my apron. 12 days after i said i would. oops! i'm sorry. so here it is finally, my double sided vintage apron..

I used the directions from Amy Karol's bend the rules sewing and did a few adjustments (including making it double sided) and remember my op shopped book the complete sewing book? well it told me step by step how to do the pockets.

This pocket here^^ just happens to be my favourite bit of the whole apron :) i once again just stumbled across that piece of lace in my sewing stash and it was pretty much the perfect length and had circles in it - just like the pocket fabric. When i finished this pocket i sat and stared at it for awhile..then i took it upstairs with me while we were all watching tv and stole some more glances at it - ugh im such a loser :)

and heres the pocket of the other side:

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