Jan 29, 2010

Totally Spoilt

Remember when I mentioned that I was very spoilt this Christmas?
We'll it's true I totally was!!
 And not that we take note or anything.. but I also won the prize for the top two biggest presents of the year - always fun! 
We opened presents with my family on Christmas Eve (as they spent Christmas on the boat and had to leave that afternoon) which meant we got to dig into this loot early too.
On top of a beautiful cutlery set (a belated engagement present from the parents), a USA power adaptor from brother, some fun USA spending money and a few other fun things M presented me with this large box... which I didn't even know was for me until then (he sneakily got it upstairs while I was out)
And guess what was inside...
A white Eames Rocker!!!
I may have screamed, ran into his arms and then just burst into tears right there on the spot - just maybe - I was so excited!
Isn't it lovely... only wish I had hardwood floors in my bedroom for photo purposes too!
And if you have been a reader of my blog for some time you might remember this post where I mentioned my search for the perfect unit for my room. And the crush I had on this one that was just over $1,000.00 aka NOT IN THE BUDGET! The search has been going on all year with no luck and so this is what my dad built me for Christmas:
And can you believe he found those shuttered door fronts on an old cupboard by the side of the road, Cut and modified them to fit and painted them up?!? How clever is he?
I was so excited to see it all finished and sitting in my room.
I also got a little teary when he pulled out the middle drawer and mentioned how he had written a little message for me there!
And oh how I love the extra storage!
Although I think I am in need of the rest of the furniture in this set now ;)
Hope you and yours were just as spoilt during the holiday season too!
oh and total cost of the unit just over $100, crazy huh!


  1. oh wow! That chair is gorgeous! I love love love rocking chairs in general but the eames one are just awesome. You are one lucky girl!

  2. Oh KT - oh my! The chair, the cabinet, both are beyond perfect and so totally "you"!! I love them. You are one loved lady you know that?! :)

  3. Wowza, your dad is a creative wizard. Now I know where you get it! Someday you'll have wood floors to match your Eames. Just you wait. What a very Merry Christmas!

  4. Aren't our Dad's special! Mine just about built the set for my play in his Christmas holidays!

    I'm looking for a new wardrobe for my new room, when you come down this weekend you must come see it! xxx

  5. Katie this post was seriously jaw-dropping...I cannot even begin to imagine your delight over these amazing Christmas gifts...and I cannot believe how perfectly your dad recreated that cabinet. And the chair is super cute, and super you!