Jan 25, 2010

the one where I try to catch up...

Wow.. it's been nearly two whole months since my last blog - so sad!
And I seem to have a writer's block...
where to start?
what to share?
Which one of the many half started posts to begin with?
there's just been so much happening lately...
Dec and Jan are busy months!

So since I last posted I have:

- Finished College - Did I mention this?!
I cannot believe I actually made it through that final major project I felt like I didn't sleep or eat properly for weeks (only about 10 out of 18 of us actually presented the day it was due - it was a crazy time!)

- Enjoyed Christmas time with M's family... my first Christmas I haven't woken up and shared pressies with my own family!

- Was totally totally spoilt by my family and M for Chrissy (more on that later).

- Laughed at babushka tool boxes that just.keep.coming.

- Spent Boxing Day on the boat with my family and M's ... eating seafood and gourmet salads, and Oma's over-supply of snacks, swimming and listening to those cicadas (they are SO loud this year!)

- Spent a few days on the boat with different friends just relaxing... and eating!

- Had an amazing New Years Eve:

- NYE#1: Went to the summer Fair down at the local waterfront. Carnie took M's money and I went on some crazy dare-devil rides with my sister-in-law-to-be. I love that she loves rides too - M will never go on them with me he stood there freaking out from the ground!

- NYE#2: Waved to mum and dad who were on the boat from up the top of the biggest ride - they didn't see me.

-NYE#3: Watched the New Years eve Fireworks on the roof of our boat with champagne and yummy cheese cakes. We were 100 m away from the barge they were letting the fireworks off from and they were so loud, you could even hear the sound bouncing off the mountains behind us - talk about surround sound - it was so great.

- NYE#4: Went to a party at a friends house and enjoyed watching the Sydney fireworks on TV and catching up with friends.

- Went through another possible sale of our house which fell through again - seriously weren't we just here this time last year too?

- Spent lots of time crafting.

- Booked wedding cars, a photographer, tried dresses on and enjoyed many more wedding related activities.

- Dated my boy a few times:

- Date#1: Had lunch at the venue we are having our wedding reception at on a REALLY hot day the food was scrummy!

- Date#2: Enjoyed a yummy date eating seafood, watching the pelicans at the waterfront restaurant - also on a REALLY hot day!

- Have been to the beach lots - because did I mention, it's been really HOT here!

- Realized I need a new swimmers - with working elastic!

- Continued planning my trip to the States coming up NEXT MONTH to meet some amazing women!

- Found out my cousin Sarey is going to be in LA at the same time as me - yippee!

- Have gotten into the TV show 30 rock with these crazy guys:

- Celebrated the church I grew up in's 30th birthday. Had a great service, loved having Ps Pat preach again, enjoyed a party and watched old church camp and dance videos which made us crack up SO much!

- Also enjoyed checking out M all dressed up in his new vest and haircut (and Mitch and him accidentally wearing matching outfits - as M says 'oh how embarrassing' but not really cause they are boys!):

- Watched dad take on a new business. Selling Thermomix machines (my my these little guys are amazing!)

- Watched dad play around with our thermo mix - we've made yummy dips, salads, ice cream, sorbet, burrito mix, custard, muesli bar balls etc etc

- Gotten my first Interior Design job through a client of dad's who is in the process of buying an old weatherboard cottage with a waterfront and completely renovating the whole thing! colours, furniture, layouts - It's exciting people!

- Have gotten excited over what is going to be an awesome (and busy) year - three weddings (2 of which M is involved in), two exciting holidays, a honeymoon, a new job, a new house with renovations and one spunky husband later!

-And an even more amazing decade for us - getting married, buying houses, babies, careers and leaning more and growing closer to our God - stay tuned it's going to be good!


  1. What a great couple months you've been having! Isn't it so cool to think about all the exciting things that are going to happen in the next year?!

    2010 rocks:)

  2. So fun catching up on the last few months and hearing what is to come! Congrats on finishing up school and landing your first interior design job! Excited to meet you in March! P.S. We are having a mild winter here but it is not the summer you are experiencing! And we got snow last night!

  3. Im exhausted reading this all.. can you believe you will be here in like a MONTH!!!!

  4. My oh my, you've been a busy girl! I've missed you so much around here and am glad you're back, alive and well. Happy New Year and congrats on finishing strong in 2009 with graduating. I can't wait to see all of the gorgeous interiors that spill out of you from now on! Your future is looking so bright!

  5. When and where are you visiting in the States?

    And congratulations on the graduation and job!

  6. Wow! What a catch up! Happy New Year.
    I was so happy to see you back in my little blog reader!

  7. good overview...
    but now you need to blog about aussie day! haha

  8. Wow. Wow. Wow. That in the very best sense, left my head spinning...how can you contain yourself with so many exciting + wonderful things just over + coming up?