Jul 2, 2010

I need.

This swimsuit for my honeymoon. how cute and stylish is it?!
I already have a lovely and fairly new bikini but I feel like I need a stylish and flattering one piece too.
And from all the reviews I have read it seems like Shabby Apple swimwear are a lovely cut too ie. not skimpy around the butt area. I have such a problem every summer finding a nice fitting swimsuit that actually covers my bottom area - so not a fan of skimpy cut swimsuits which is um ... basically every 'unfrumpy' swimsuit out there on the market. I mean I'm not unhappy with my butt size or anything but I don't really feel comfortable walking around the beach with a permanant wedgie either. I prefer some sort of support people!
but enough about butts ...

Now the question... do I want it in sweet sexy black or fiery and hot ruby red?!


  1. A new swimsuit is definitely warranted for your honeymoon - in face it is a must!

    I would say go for both but if not then with your colouring you would look stunning in either but especially the red I imagine.

    Do you know where you are honeymooning yet?

  2. ohhhh, I like the black! What a perfect swimsuit.

  3. Oh gosh, that's a tough one! I say red though! That swimsuit is to die for!

  4. I'm voting black. SO beautiful!