Jul 1, 2010

I heart Amy.

love my in-laws-to-be...
look what they brought me for my birthday!!
ooh I have wanted this book forever!

Things from this book that I am just itching to make:
decorative patchwork throw
image from here.
wide leg lounge pants
from here.
desktop organizer
from here.
 Fashion checkbook clutch
clutch handbag with fabric flower
from here. 
Patchwork handbag

And I don't know how I quite missed this but Amy Butler has a new sewing book coming out in August this year. It is available for pre order on both Amazon and the Book Depositry right now and I may have just added it to my wishlist :)
ps. Have you heard about the book depositary? Even though it is a UK site, I love that they list items in AUD dollars and they have free shipping worldwide (US is on this list too). This means that for me it's often cheaper to purchase and ship from the UK than to buy a book at my local Boarder or Angus and Roberson - isn't this silly! 

what about you, what are you sewing or crafting up right now?

ps. I can't believe today is the 1st of JULY today! can you!?


  1. It's still June here for a handful of minutes! :-) Can't wait to see your beautiful creations, and your wedding crafts, too! Miss you so, lil sis! Sending big (((hugs))).

  2. Such gorgeous, gorgeous things. I love an inspirational book as a gift - gets my fingers itching too!

  3. You are one busy little blogger bee right now. Loved coming here to find all of these posts. Love and miss you and wishing we could share some of our sunshine and warmth with you right now. Praying for you and looking forward to all the next four + months hold for you and yours truly...XO

  4. You are going to love that book! I've only made a few things, but it's one of my favorites! The Little Stitches book is also great. You know, for after the wedding... Tee hee! XOXO!

  5. Thanks everyone - so fun to come on here and see so many comments :)

    and yes Chantel I must be a little backyards - I already own the little stitches book :)! I love it and have made a few things for welcome baby gifts :)

  6. i just bought institches for my friend! it is a great book :)