Sep 1, 2014

letters to baby ... (#1)

It's true, I have been blogging quite a bit lately (secret little letters to our baby dear) and now that the news is 'live' I thought I would record them on here too! So here we go... my first ever letter to our little one...

Dear Baby,
This week your daddy and I found out about you. Besides being shocked at how quickly you have come into our lives (we have only been trying for 2 months!), we are so excited to welcome you to our little family!
I wanted to think of a fun and creative way to tell your daddy I was pregnant. On Monday, I had a work meeting in Sydney which finished early so on my way home I stopped at the shops and bought my first ever pack of pregnancy tests and an adorable onesie that says ‘From little things big things grow’. As soon as I got home I gave your dad a quick kiss hello and fled to the bathroom to pee on that stick that would change our little world forever. The test said I should know within 3-10 mins, but I got so nervous that I left it hidden in the bathroom (in case your daddy came in) for around 15 mins before I was brave enough to check it. Those little tests work so quickly though and I am pretty sure I stared to see that second line already appearing as I hid it away! If I’m honest, I think I already knew even before I took the test that you were on your way to us, our sweet baby dear. You see, Aunt Flo was a week late and I hadn’t been feeling 100% myself all that week so I kinda had an inkling that something was up (your mumma may not be punctual to many things, but her Aunt Flo is something you can set your watch too!). Your daddy on the other hand was pretty convinced I was pregnant and kept making hopeful and wishful comments all week – it was really sweet. He wanted that test to be positive more than anything!
When I came back and saw those two sweet lines I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face – nor the shock, I’m sure. I just couldn’t believe it! I took another test straight away and sure enough, that one had two pink lines, even more definite than the first!
One thing you will learn about your daddy is that he is sometimes not the most observant person and is not very suspicious either. So I was able to run around in and out of the bathroom, slamming doors and wrapping his ‘gift’ and he didn’t even raise an eyebrow. Did you know that once I even wrapped one of his Christmas presents on the lounge room floor while he was sitting behind me on the couch and he didn’t even know!!
The crafter in me attached two brown paper tags (with twine of course) to those little tests. One read “Daddy, I’m on my way” and the second which read, “Mummy just had to make sure” I placed them in the bottom of a gift box for your dad with the onesie on top. Then I went and sat down on the couch to give him your gift. He thought the onesie was really sweet, but I don’t think he got the message written on it at first and at one point I didn’t even think he was going to look in the bottom of the box for the rest of his gift but with a little nudging he did and you honestly could not wipe that smile off his face! And do you want to know baby dear, the first thing your daddy did when he found out about you, besides asking me “Really!!??” and tearing up!?  It was to put his hands on my tummy and to pray over you/me. It made me cry all over again and really was the sweetest thing in the world. He loves you so much already. In fact his new favourite thing to say is “I love you... guys” as he holds me/us close or “I missed you… both” as I walk in the door from work. It is just the sweetest!
The next morning I think I was still in shock/disbelief so I took the last test in the pack (those things are addictive and fun to take)! Sure enough I added it to the pile of positive tests. So we made a Dr’s appointment...
We went to the Doctor’s on Friday morning to confirm everything. From my dates, the Dr told us we are around 5 and a half weeks pregnant, which means you are due around 7th March.  But he has sent us to our first ultrasound on the 21st where they will measure you and work out a more accurate date for your arrival. We can’t believe we get to see you in there so soon!
Since we found out about you, we have been scheming up fun ways to tell your grandparents and Aunty and Uncle. We can’t wait to see their faces when we tell them the news and I know that you are already so loved by each of them already. It makes me teary just thinking about it, then again it could be all these crazy pregnancy hormones too!
So far pregnancy and I have been getting along very well. I have had very few symptoms that you are growing away in there; except for a very short lived, queasy 30 secs in the bathroom one morning and feeling rather bloated and crampy all week. The Dr has assured me that the bloating and cramping is perfectly normal as my body is currently and very quickly expanding and making room for you in there. Oh and your once sleep-through-the-night –mum is already getting up in the middle of the night to pee! And your poor dad – I may have already once (jokingly I promise) used the ‘But I’m pregnant’ excuse to avoid getting off the couch and getting something!
You and I have also started a fitness regime and I think you love your green smoothies already as I always feel so great in the morning after I’ve had one. We’ve also started prenatal vitamins and yoga. We’ve gotta get fit and in good health for your D-Day you see!
Your daddy and I can’t believe the crazy journey we are about to go on and keep saying to each other how blessed we are to be able to have you in our lives. We love you so much already little one and can’t wait to meet you next year!
All my love your Mumma

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