Sep 3, 2014

letters to baby ... (#2)

hello my sweet little in there!

I'm sorry it has been so long since I last wrote you, but I promise you are never far from my (or your daddy's) thoughts and conversations! (or Grandpa, Duckie, Aunty Pegs, Uncle Stu's, Pa or MarMar's!)

I've just been feeling like I'm in limbo land at the moment and all round really! It's new catalog time at work and I am waiting on SO much stock to arrive I feel like I can't finish any room setting yet until it all comes in, and it's looking rather mismatched and sad in the shop (which is hard for your perfectionist mumma to deal with!) Plus my motivation and energy are a little lacking these days! It's also been so cold and rainy lately and both Daddy and I are simply over winter and keep mentioning how much we are ready for summer time to arrive. For with it will come warm weather, beach days, beautiful baby bumps and kicks, Christmas and New Years and us so much closer to meeting YOU!

And then there's you... You've still been on your best behaviour each and everyday and so with no pregnancy symptons (except that keen sense of smell!) you and I have been having lots of conversations that go a bit like this (while I hold my tummy) "Are you ok in there baby sweet?" "are you hungry/happy/moving around" "is there anything I am do for you" "do you like it when I dance crazy like this?" but you just seem to be ignoring me already ;) I am so ready to start showing and feeling you move around in there. Both because I am so excited for this season we are in and also cause I want to have that reassurance that you are ok and thriving in there. So today was so good for my mumma heart, although it started off quite crazy when I entered work this morning! You see I walked in to the warehouse to find our new warehouse guy calling out for help and lying unable to move on the concrete floor in a mangled pile with a deep graze on his head from his temple to his cheek! I just dropped all my bags and was in so much shock making sure he didnt move and running to get our manager and the First Aid staff while other staff ran to call an ambulance. It was a crazy morning!! But Joel seems to be doing ok and will heal in time. Constant prayers he will have no ongoing symptoms as he is the sweetest guy and a really great work colleague! But after that rough start, today ended so sweetly, as we had our 12 week scan and Daddy and I got to see your beautiful little profile for the very first time. It's crazy that in just a few short weeks you have gone from a little blob with a crazy heartbeat to a little human with an even crazier heartbeat and arms and legs and the worlds most perfect little profile we have ever seen!

So here you are at 12 weeks in utero:

Gosh I love you so much already my little and I can't stop staring at the pictures of your beautiful little self (or flinging them around cyberspace, even all the way to Greece where Uncle Stu and Aunty Dom currently are)!!!

Now lets bring on the baby bump, and flutters and kicks and our 19 week scan so we know whether you are made of sugar and spice or puppy dog tails, cause this mumma is itching to start planning and decorating your nursery and to start sewing sweet little baby things again (for it's been too long!)

All my love
Your Mumma

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