Apr 19, 2015

Clover Grace - a story behind the name.

Clover Grace
A Story behind the name.

Because her uncommon name, a lot of people have asked us where we got Clover's name from. So here is the story for those interested...

When I was about 5 or 6 years old, my Aunt and Uncle gave me my first set of chapter books. They were a series called 'What Katy Did' given to me as the main character was my namesake. They are such lovely classic children's literature written by Susan M Coolidge in the late 1800's. I remember being so excited to read these books, but not yet up to reading such big chapter books on my own. So I remember my Dad reading them to me at night and they quickly became a childhood favorite. It follows the story of tomboy Katy Carr and her adventures and scrapes, as well as her brothers and sisters. Her closest sister is Clover Carr and she is such a little sweetheart, that I fell in love with the name from an early age and often imagined myself with a little Clover of my own one day (So I was very thankful that Morgan loved the name as much as me!!) I can't wait to bring out these books when she is older and snuggle up to read them to her as I did with my Dad, loving that both our names will be there in the story as we read along. Although what I'll do if we have another daughter I'm not sure hehe! There is also a Clover series which I can't wait to buy her when she is older too :)

Clover is an Old English name and as we looked into the name further, we loved it even more. Of course it has connotations of luck (lucky four leaf clovers, which I loved to search for as a little girl) and also of prosperity. In the olden days the saying 'to be in clover'  meant you were in a season of prosperity and wealth. As when the clover was out it meant the fields were green, the farm animals were happily eating and everything was plentiful. We pray she is always prosperous in everything she does.

Morgan also liked how her name has the word 'love' in it and did you know that each leaf on a four leaf clover represents something special? The first is for faith, which we pray she will have in Jesus at an early age. The second is for Hope, which we pray that her hope will always be in Him. The third is for love, which we pray she would be a lover Jesus and people all her life. To always love and be loved. And the fourth is for luck, which is always nice to have a little of :)

The funny thing is, I have Irish heritage and she was just a few days shy of being born on St Patricks day too, so perhaps it was meant to be!

For her middle name, we decided to go with something more traditional to balance out her first name and we both always loved the elegance and meaning of Grace (God's Favour, goodness and generosity) so that was how she became our Clover Grace!

We just love our little Clovey girl!

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