Nov 13, 2007


that is what i am feeling lately. and my pile of things to sew... & do... & make &... steadily growing bigger. almost bigger than the pile of elizabeth's books to read :)

first up is a dress i'm making for morgan's formal. well HOPEFULLY for morgan's formal, which is next wednesday. i'm still waiting for the lace which i purchased for an absoluete steal of ebay! i actually spent more on postage than i did for the actual lace, but i think it was defiently worth it! so im eagerly waiting my little package all the way from Oklahoma, USA! which should come within the next 2 days. it looks like this:

it was the cheapest scollaped lace i could find anywhere..even with the postage price (had to have it express posted)! I'm using a mcall's evening elegance pattern M5001 (i recommend this pattern as it's simple and very easy to follow, i've had absoluetly no problems with it so far!). Although i've changed it due to the fact that i won't have enough lace to overlay over the whole of the dress. i used the bodice and changed the skirt to an a-line. I'm putting the lace overlay with a scalloped edge all over the dress and the neckline is sweetheart neckline. the underlay is black at the bodice and light blue for the skirt (this is to match morgie's shirt, which i also picked up from sale at Kmart, it is light blue and has a fancy design embroidered into the fabric...kinda like a 'man's lace' and ties in quite well, now that i think about it). so this afternoon's job is to finish putting the boneing into the lining (i already have half sewn into it), create the pattern for the a-line skirt (as i've changed it from a gore skirt to a simple a-line) and sew a trial skirt onto my trial top.

also in my list of crafts to try is a sock softie from my new amazing and cute book (i also highly recommend it!!) sock and glove by miyako kanamori, which i purchased of amazon for about $7 plus postage. i was so so excited when i recieved this in the mail. and the book is better than i expected. the pictures are gorgeous and the start of the book tells a story of the little sock characters with amazing photography. i'm currently tossing up between the elephant and the lamb..for a chrissy pressie for baby fletcher who is due in 2 weeks! yay!

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