Nov 26, 2007

we finished it!!

I am so excited to announce that we finished the dress the Wednesday morning of the formal (we still had to attach the skirt to the bodice, insert the zip and hook and eye) and those minor adjustments - being the ribbon around the waist which mummy lightly tacked on so it wouldn't slide around were completed about 15 mins before we left, while i was all dressed!!! although we did cheat abit and had the zipper professionally put in. it was just too scary after all the effort we put in and fiddling around with the lace (making sure all the scallops matched) to put in an inviable zip -which neither of us had put in before. also we do have the proper plastic foot, which is supposed to attach to your zipper foot - goodness knows how!? and have used it once before on a formal dress my grandmama made for me 2 years ago. so we even borrowed her machine (as it doesn't fit our older Bernina), but couldn't work out how to attach it, let alone work out her machine and as we were steadily running out of time we decided it was in our best interest to get someone who knew what they were doing to insert the zip. so i phoned 'Alterations Express' at 9am that morning and they had it completed and ready to wear at 2.30pm! phew!

of course i was happy that no-one had anything similar and i got many compliments on it and one set of parents even said it was there 2nd favourite dress (after their daughters, which they spent $400 on of course)

overall i was extremely happy with the result, i think it happens to be my favourite formal dress i own and i can't wait till the next wedding/function so i can wear it again! :) it's greta because the material and the process of making the dress has such a story to it.. thanks mamma for helping me sew, and dad for helping us lay out the material to make sure we got the scallops write and even morgan for helping to trace the patterns!

heres to loving sewing things that just work out!

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