Nov 19, 2007

travelling pants..

I am currently reading the third book in this series and am absoluetly loving it! (the fourth book is currently sitting patiently on my shelving unit waiting for me to dig in). I have decided that although i did enjoy the movie quite alot, i am in love with the books so much more! although im quite excited that they are doing a movie sequel too! *grin*

this book was just so great because it made me cry (happy and sad tears), made me happy and made me angry and sad and pulled out all the emotions that a great book should . i definetly recommend it as a great read!

on the sewing front.. the news is good (although i'm steadily running out of time before the formal). the lace arrived last Tuesday (which was early!! which i was quite pleased about!)

we (and i say we because my mummy has pitched in and helped me sew and cut and work out measurements, and fit our little mock pattern once it's on me, thankyou mummy! i love yoU!!!!) have to make a new lace overlay for the skirt (we cut it on the wrong angle due to the trickyness of the scallops! but luckily i had an abundance of material to play with)!, attatch the bodice lace to the bodice, attatch the skirt lace to the skirt, sew the bodice and skirt together and put the zip in. and theres theres just a little hand sewing. so fingers crossed i will be able to wear it wednesday night! it's been fun sewing with my mummy, talking eating chocolate and having some great mummy and daughter time! :) heres to our next sewing adventure!

i will post photos of the dress soon!

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