Mar 18, 2008

into the blue and green...

Tuesday afternoon and I am currently wishing that I was back here and anywhere but the office counting the minutes until my day is over!

aren't the colours just gorgeous? Doesn't it just remind you of Greece?

These shots were taken a few weekends ago when we went up to Newcastle to see our good friends and newlyweds Leesa and Sam and their new pint sized place :)

such a lovely time that involved a moroccan theme (complete with Moroccon buddies) good food, laughs, picnics, visits to the lolly shop, lunch, markets, a visit to the art gallery and shopping in Darby street - a street with amazingly gorgeous little shops dedicated to all things handmade. It was like a street full of etsy shops, with products you could see and touch and have straight away! I am especially loving the shop 'High Tea with Mrs Woo'.

These photos were taken at the Newcastle baths, which are currently being done up and are definetly worth a visit if you ever go there.

i especially love this shot above. the lines of white concrete leading to the white sea spray waves in the background and the aboriginal children playing in the water.

and this...well this is just morgan doing what makes no sense to anyone else, but himself. 3 years together he can still reduce me to laughter by a mischievous glint in his eyes followed by one of his spontaneous outbursts!

oh how i love the sunshine, good friends, scrummy food and fun weekends away

status: currently can't wait for the long weekend (also morgan's birthday weekend)!!


  1. Hi! Gorgeous photos, the colours are lovely and bright. Hope you don't mind but I've tagged you for the Four Things tag, the info's below - great if you want to particpate but no worries if you don't!! Have a great loonnnggg weekend and Happy Birthday to Morgan! Rebecca - Hurrah!

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    Have fun!

  2. Howdy, its me! i dont quite no how to friend you my love, so you have to do that part!
    x lov ur bingness

  3. it was snowing the other day. i'm jealous of that sunshine!