Mar 31, 2008

tell her she's dreaming!

So i woke up the other morning and my first thought was wow THAT was an awesome dream..can't I just go back to sleep again? I'm not usually one that remembers my dreams but this was just such a fun dream...

morgan was a fashion designer and sewed me the most amazing dresses and clothes! And he was absolutely amazing at sewing (and oh so neat!) and would just whip something up for me as I asked! (I have these mental images of me in a dress as he's pinning away fitting it to me) but everything about him was still.. well just him. He was also opening up a shop with all his designer pieces and would just give me clothes for free! The only problem in the dream came when we were planning our wedding and i desperately wanted to surprise him with my dress, but also wanted him to design it (because of course he was the best around) and I couldn't make up my mind what to do! every girls dream right?? i have absolutely no idea where any part of that dream came from, but it was nice none-the-less :D

and speaking of Morgan (one of my favourite topics, i know..) he started a new job last Thursday as a laborer at a place that makes granite, installs kitchens and other random stuff, such as building this 5 storey house on the property. It's not exactly what he wants to do (as it doesn't involve music) but i'm all like.."think of that body!"" are you thinking of that body? ""I'm thinking of THAT body..." even Gran Jen congratulated him on his new job in his birthday card and commented that he'd have the body of a Greek God in no time! she's a funny one that Gran Jen (i'll post up some pictures of the present she made morgan soon)! I'm also thinking of all the thing's he'll learn that will be beneficial to when we own our own home.. installing kitchens, building things...etc and all the money it will save!

Happy Monday everyone hoping you all have a great week whatever you do!

btw - the print above is entitled 'dreaming' - house paint and tears on table cloth by artist Jamal Vrno. I can't find much information on his work but heres some of his work here and or you can look him up on flickr or google him, i think they are amazing.

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