Jul 9, 2009


"When I get married I want to be very married" - Audery Hepburn

This is the sweet little sparkle that keeps catching my eye and making me smile. I adore it's antique style, the promise of a life together that it holds & the memory of my best friend kneeling before me and asking if I would be his forever.

And a shot of it on my crazy skinny little finger - we had to have it made from scratch as they couldn't resize the original down that small! I had to try each ring on with tissue stuffed at the back to see how they would look. Even now it is still a little bit big, so we will probally have to have it resized but for now I am enjoying the look of it on my hand (and I am sure Morgan is too!)

Well we are off to a mini weekend away down the south coast complete with new stack of bridal magazines, a new book, scarfs, gloves and lovely new (on sale) jacket yay!
Have a great weekend all, whether it is snuggling up by the fire, or lazing by the pool :)


  1. Katie, this is so utterly completely deliciously gorgeous! I gasped in delight when I saw it! It's perfect and exquisite and just so you. You will wear it beautifully forever and ever. Many hugs and congratulations again.

    PS. you can tell CM I think he did a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

  2. Ditto what fairlight said - word for word! Wow and sigh and oh! :)

  3. I think that is the prettiest ring I've ever seen! Congrats again.

  4. Oh, Katie! It is so beautiful! I love it!

  5. Amazing! Lovely, just like you.
    I makes my heart skip to think of the beauty that God has prepared for you and M. Morgan is such a lucky boy.
    You are beautiful.... Love you so!

  6. I am speechless! Your ring is gorgeous. Love it!

  7. Look at the size of that diamond, girlie! Your ring is drop dead gorgeous. I love your creative pics!

  8. it is ... BEE-U-TIFUL... trully, just like you...

    way to go morgans..
    and how funny this looks exactly like one of my sweet girlfriends... who also has impeccable taste.. hehe..

    .... Im giddy for you. totally.

  9. I am in love with your ring!!! It is ALMOST as beautiful as the sweet girl wearing it! Tell CM he did a fine job, in deed ;)
    So excited for you, and doesn't it just make things more real! I'm sure it looks lovely on those skinny little fingers lol

  10. Wow - I love the pictures! I had hoped you would post some. :) SO stunning Katie!

  11. ooohhhing and awwwing over your most gorgeous engagement ring...it is truly one of the most exquiste little rings I have ever seen, for one of the most exquisite girls that I have ever known...and to think of how brightly the future sparkles for you and Morgan, Wow!
    Have a dreamy little vacation. And consider yourself hugged from me...we are just so happy for you two!

  12. I so totally did, I emailed you a gushing email about it... did you not get it??