Jul 22, 2009


pretty image by Jose Villa

So Morgan and I have come down (a small bit) from our engagement hype and have started to talk about our ideas, plans, guests lists and what we would like to incorporate into our special day. We know we want a ceremony that will reflect marriage as God's ultimate design and a testimony to our faith, a wedding where friends and family (and their talents) will be greatly involved and of course with lots of little handmade touches that reflect us as a couple. So we thought it would be fun to get a giveaway (yes I said GIVEWAWAY) up and running on the blog where we can get some creative and inspiring ideas - and where else but from you wonderful crafty lot of bloggers, many whom have been there before?! Plus I thought it would be a fun way to drag out some of those wedding photos from some of you who I have not seen before ;)

The winner will receive a very fun little package.
Inside will be something old, something new, something crafty & something blue!
(I can't work out a way to send something I have borrowed, without the other person being upset ;)...

So how to play along yourself...

1. Leave a comment on this post to let me know you will be playing along.

2. On your own blog create a new post. If you have been married before post a photo (or a few) from your wedding and tell us something that made your day special and unique or share a creative idea from a wedding you have attended. You can also link to a creative wedding idea you have seen online, a link to your favorite wedding blog (or wedding post), or a favorite Etsy wedding find.

3. Spread the word on your own blog about this giveaway and encourage your friends to join in by popping on over here and leaving a comment and sharing their own wedding photos and inspiring ideas on their blog too.

4. And have a tonne of fun reminiscing, gaining new bloggy friendships and looking at everyone's wedding photos - I will also upload a list with a link to each ladies blog who participates.

Remember to be included in the draw you must leave both a comment (so I know to enter you into the draw) along with a creative wedding idea, a link to your favorite wedding blog or wedding post, or a favorite Etsy wedding find - which can be posted in the comment section or on your own blog post. Those who create a post on their own blog with a link back here will be given a bonus entry into the draw.

This giveaway will close on Friday 21st August 12.00 EST and announced on Monday 24 August. The winner will be randomly drawn.

So Since I have never been married before (duh!) I thought I would leave you with some photos of a wedding I was lucky enough to be a part of - my lovely cousin Larissa's and her equally amazing husband Brant. They were married at North Sydney on 2 October 2004 in the same church our Nanna & Pa and her parents were married in, with a ceremony which left everyone in tears! One of the highlights of the wedding was having some of our photos taken at the theme park - Luna Park on Sydney Harbour. It was fun to walk through the park champagne in hand and left some great opportunities for some amazing photos. We even got to ride the old 1920's carousel for free, which of course was the page boy's absoluete highlight (ok maybe one of mine too :) !

my stunning cousin.
Thanks for your help ladies!
Love Kt & Morgan :)


  1. What a fun little giveaway, KT!! I'm so excited for you and Morgan I can't wait to see your all's wedding day unfold some day! Count me in on this fun! Mine and Benji's anniversary is Friday so I had planned on putting up some old pictures anyway ;) Wedding pictures are even better...I just have to see if my scanner is up to parr lol
    So excited to see everyone's big day! Love you friend, looking forward to hearing from you!! So so sorry i missed you the other day!

  2. This is a great giveaway! First, congrats on the upcoming wedding. Being married is such an amazing gift from God (I got married last summer).

    For my wedding, we really wanted a photobooth, but couldn't afford one. So, my husband (who is a computer programmer) decided to make the software and we did a DIY photobooth. It was a blast! It didn't cost even a tenth of what it would of cost to rent a real photobooth, but was just as fun!

    You can check out seemonkey.net to see some pictures (under gallery) of the photobooth at our wedding!

  3. working on my post KT. haven't forgotten! :)

  4. Hello KT....we haven't gotten to know eachother much yet but I am one of the Domestic Bliss ladies that you will most likely meet next March at our get together! Congratulations on you engagement! It is such a special time in life...I wish I could do my wedding over again (to the same guy of course!) just because my tastes have changed so much in the almost nine years we have been married! I will do a post on this on my blog and try to get an old wedding picture up? So excited for you though and to see what lovely ideas you come up with...by the way, what is your wedding date?

  5. I still totally need to post something for you...
    I so totally do.
    Tomorrow... for sure.

  6. I saw your wedding share/giveaway on Leslie's blog and I'd love to join in! Congrats on your engagement!


  7. Weddings are so fun! Congrats! enjoy the planning and remember to enjoy it, it only lasts one day. :) and thanks for the opportunity to remember my own wedding day, its nice to remember a day so full of love....

  8. Congrats on your upcoming nupituals! Very exciting.

    We are into our fifteenth year and I couldn't imagine a day without my husband. Being married ROCKS!

    I love the give a way idea and will definitely post over at my blog. Although finding my wedding pics will be a bit tough.

    I will [tho'] post my all time FAVORITE wedding favor. They are so cute! And useful! And a touch of love! And not expensive! [Does this count as an entry in lieu of my wedding pics? We were married at my parents' home and we didn't have a pro' photog so the pics are floating around somewhere! Not in an album. I know, the shame :)]

  9. I am so in KT! This is a terrific idea. Tomorrow is our 3rd anniversary, so hopefully I'll have my post up by then. Talk about killing 2 birds with one stone! :)

  10. Kt Bear, I did indeed promise you a wedding post - I am working on it now! x0x0x0x0

  11. Hi! I found your blog through my sil Jessica's blog (Living the Swell Life) and thought it'd be fun to join in the fun! I absolutely loved my wedding (and better yet, I love my marriage) so I'm excited to make a post about this. My blog is http://mypaisleyapron.blogspot.com

    Thanks so much for this opportunity! And good luck as you continue to plan your big day... and Congrats!!

  12. I would have made up a post but all my wedding pictures are tucked away in a box somewhere in our storage unit, half way across the state. But in the meantime I offer this little spot, as my gift of inspiration to you: http://weddingbellsandwhistles.tumblr.com/

    Our wedding while I look back on it so fondly, was very simple. If I were able to have do-over it would look so much different. I was the first one of my girlfriends to get married and now having been through and to and involved in so many different weddings I gotten more of a feel for what I love about a wedding and what I don't. Also, marrying the man of my dreams, has helped me really come into my own and discover who I am. Looking back, we would have made our wedding a smaller, more intimate and less formal affair...
    Oh and one thing I dearly regret was that we didn't have a first dance, and I didn't get to dance with my Dad...our reception was like a big open house, without any structure. I would do that all differently now. One of the details that I remember and adored was that my darling and talented SIL Rachel, filled tea cups and pots with dainty little spring flowers and set them on the table as the centerpieces, inbetween old canning jars full of tulips and daffodils. The hi of our actual ceremony was taking communion together, and having those two minute of privacy to cry and pray and whisper sweet nothings. Also one of my favorite parts at weddings when they do a slideshow of the bride and groom...

    I hope it doesn's sound like I am complaining KT. I would'nt trade our wedding day for all the dream weddings in the world, if it meant I'd have to marry to him, one day later than I did.

    And you my dear are going to not only be the most exquisite little bride of all time but you are going to have the very most amazing wedding day. Then it's off to happily-ever-after for you and CM!

    P.S. Sorry that this ended up possibly being the longest comment in the history of bloggerdom.

  13. Oh my dear, I'm late! As always. But, please don't think that I'm any less excited and thrilled for you guys! Love you both ever so much. And I can't come up with any links at the moment. We send so many back and forth! lol
    I have my pictures all laid out to put in a post, but I've yet to scan them (it takes ages) or photograph them and crop, etc etc. I'm going to do it anyways, just so you can see them. Cause I know your just dying to see them. :)
    I've always thought I would change so many things looking back. Most of it an echo of what Chelle said. I didn't have much inspiration to go with and it was just me and my mom working on everything (and I mean everything) but last night, as I was looking through pictures Mike came over and was looking too.
    HE had such a big sweet smile on his face and when I put them down to fix dinner he caught me and held me, giving me kisses and said, "It was a beautiful wedding, wasn't it? I'm so glad it happen. And I love you."
    Some day, you guys will look back and have the same. No matter how many details go awry or the weather doesn't cooperate or the cake is a disaster, you will look back on it with love and be so happy that it actually happen.
    Love you sweet dear friend! <3