Jul 15, 2009


Wow, how can it be that 5 days of the holidays have already flown by? It seems like this break is going by much too quickly and my to-do list seems just as long as when the holidays started. My excuse? - I have have been a little distracted with wedding ideas ;)
We had a lovely little getaway down to the South Coast with Morgan's family over the weekend, which was perfectly relaxing. So much so that the camera had a little rest too & I hardly took any photos.
But here are a few happy snaps.

my sister-in-law-to-be (love this term!)
My what BIG feet u have & cute little $6 Target flats :)
this ring, love M.
the view from the top.
oh dear!
M had the camera so their all shots of me.. this tower was so very high!
family :)


  1. love seeing how happy you are lady... and whats not to be happy about. How fun to celebrate with your fam....

    and I do believe you both look a whole lot giddy.

  2. So cute! It is wonderful to have a vacation, isn't it?
    I cannot wait untill the beginning of August! Pete is taking his first "real" break from work since moving here, and before that.... we had not had any. So in six years, this will be the second. SIGH! I am soo excited!
    It is wonderful that you will not have just one family, but two! that is very special.
    Love you sweetie!

  3. Lucky you getting to have a little holiday away. I am on uni break and have been for three weeks but have not had the chance to go anywhere. Hopefully we will be going to St George soon to visit my Aunty.

  4. Girly, you look so cute and happy in these pictures. Love love your coat! I'm glad you got to enjoy your vacay. Miss talking to you though! :) Hugs to you sweet friend!

  5. Hey those photos are amazing. Where on the coast were you?