Aug 11, 2009


Hi all...
just a little reminder that there is only a little bit over a week until the 'Something old, something new, something crafty, something blue' giveaway is closed.
Closing on Friday 21st August 12.00 (Eastern Australian time)
So if you haven't joined in yet & would like to please do.
pretty pretty please say you will!!

You can enter here.
& I will be uploading a list of all the ladies who have participated - there has already been some lovely ideas and memories shared :)

ps. you don't have to already be married to enter. Sharing an idea you have seen online, or from a wedding you have attended will grant you entry into the draw aswell!


  1. is that picture ever yummy..

    have I ever told you what I would do should I get to replan my wedding

    sunflowers and apples, in an old field, with a school bus that brings us, and all vintage schoolhouse theme...

    since we have known each since kids...

    plus we would mark everyone heights on the wall as they come in...

    just dreaming of weddings.... same guy of course... :)

    oh and the seating chart would be like test grades posted on a wall... like in school where people huddled around...

    and somehow we would have to incorporate the most likely into it.

    Most likely to make someone laugh
    best eyes
    maybe with the bridal party..

    so much fun stuff you could do, I dream about it sometimes.

  2. My mother made my debut dress 11 years prior to my marriage. So when marriage was approaching we decided to see if she could revamp the dress into a wedding dress.
    It hung on the outside of the wardrobe for a couple of weeks and she looked at it each night from the bed. Then in no time at all with little expense I had a wedding dress!!!!! It was fantastic and no one would have known it was the same dress if I hadn't kept bragging about it!!!!

  3. I'm excited to hear about your giveaway and congratulations on your engagement! I was just married three weeks ago and it was truly the best day of my life. The whole day was filled with love & special details that truly define who we are as a couple. I recently posted our preview photos on my blog;

    I don't know if I can truly say I have a favorite detail (you'll understand this soon :). )A few I absolutely loved were; our rope boutonnières that both of us made, stopping at our favorite ice cream place to get ice cream before the reception, the custom fabric for the cake table, all of the handmade napkins and table runners, and all of the invites and maps that my husband created!