Aug 5, 2009

Petals on the bed

I had a bad day today.
One of those days where everything goes wrong, you seem to get nothing accomplished and you just end up getting awfully frustrated, and believe me 21 year old meltdowns are not so pretty!
All I wanted to do was get home, climb into bed and have a good cry.
So can you imagine the way my heart just melted when I got home, noticed the glow of my lamp under my door and walked into my bedroom as saw this little sweetness left on my bedside table by Mr M?
Flower petals on the bed.
A bunch of fresh flowers in a vase on my bedside.
& some lollies - 'push pops' (Which we were just talking the other day - how much I loved these when I was little).
In that moment all of the day just melted away and I was suddenly smiling & realizing how blessed I am to be living this life with him to make me smile.

once again can I just say that I am so lucky to get to marry this sweet boy :)


  1. I love that he gets you and what cheers you up. I love that you get what a tremendous blessing this is!

  2. I second what sweet Wendi said...and Katie, you don't need anyone to tell you this but I am going to say it anyway, he is a keeper if ever there was one. Sorry you had such a hard day yesterday but so glad you have a man who is looking after your heart and knows how to bring back your smile on a bad day.

    Bless, bless, bless his precious heart for loving you so well.

    Praying for you, dear girl!

  3. That is so sweet - don't you love it?

  4. So very sweet....and I love, love, love that your bed is so beautifully made! Mine would have had flower petals scattered over a messy bed!

  5. Awe! You found a gem dear girly!
    I am so excited for you guys. What a bright future to look forward to.
    He is precious, as are you. I love you sweet friend!