Aug 26, 2009

Party Planning

Posting because I just can't sleep... and yes it's more wedding musings ;)

Engagement party planning this time and of course knowing me I just CAN'T seem to keep it simple!

M dropped in after a band prac tonight and played around with the colour scheme with me in photoshop.
hopefully we are on the same wave length now ;)
meaning I took the PINK (which he wears all the time) out of the design ;)
I've been particularly inspired by this wedding stationary set.

So we are thinking...

* A garden party luncheon at his parents house.
* A m+k= <3 theme inspired by these free downloadable cupcake toppers.
* cupcakes & cute DIY cupcake toppers.
* home made lemonade (an absolute Morgan favourite).
* Cheese platters (an absolute Katie favourite).
* lawn games & quizzes.
* A cute sundress.
* DIY drink stirrers inspired by these.
* jam jars with flowers in them tied with orange ribbon.
* a string pegged full of photographs & well wishes.
* a yellow, orange and red theme. Hot Hot Hot!

Wow we must be REALLY craving summer huh! I usually get like this at the end of August...
I am a summer loving girl and it's a month that plays with my emotions so much. A snippet of summer here and then the next day cold again. ughk!
and Mr M adores the summer too. In fact he took himself off to the beach this afternoon after work where he got asked "how you doin?" and checked out by some girls.
Yes that's my boy!
He's spunky and he's totally taken ;)


  1. Sounds so so cute! Love it all and love where you are going with the wedding prep! Your venue looks unbelievable as well!

  2. I'm planning my wedding for next May and I always like to find people that are in the same boat as I am!

  3. oh this stationary is so stinking darling...
    and yeah for engagement parties, and booo for bad friends who miss blog posts.. GULP..

    and wedding dates.... and oh my girl you have some seriously exciting life stuff going on....

    I can't wait to talk. I should be home today between 1 and 4 if you are free... :)