Sep 20, 2009

Date One

eskimo kisses
summer school holidays 2005-2006

We have some of the sweetest friends and family who it seems are so exited for our engagement.
It's been fun receiving all the little cards in the post and little gifts too!

I love this book my cousin Larissa and her family gave us. 'It's called 10 great dates before you say I do'. The idea behind the book is that you make time to set aside ten creative dates during the crazy wedding planning season which are distraction free to reconnect, to discuss certain topics together and to reaffirm your decision to marry. The book covers areas such as adjusting your expectations, Sharing your hopes and dreams, Appreciating your differences and developing spiritual intimacy with fun little exercises along the way. And so far I would recommend it.

So Friday night we decided it was time for date #1.
We dressed up nicely, making extra effort for the other (and I love how we both picked the same blue colour and matched!) grabbed some thai takeaway and took a table cloth, candles in jam jars and our food down to 'our spot' on the waterfront.
and got completely blown away by the wind - while wondering where the beautiful sunny day had gone!!
From there we went driving to another waterfront and sat in the car reading our book and chatting together and then off to McCafe for hot chocolate, banana bread and a chai latte (After finding out our favourite little cafe was already closed... the one with the cute couches).
So the date didn't go exactly according to plan but we both had so much fun being distraction free, focusing on one another, remembering past moments in our relationship, discussing our goals and future plans (my favourite), our expectations and laughing it up.
I can't wait for date # 2!! - I have some fun creative date ideas.

I love that this present wasn't just to make our home pretty but to enrich our and invest in our relationship and is something I feel we really need right now. It's been hard while I am studying to spend quality time together and weekends are either full with wedding planning or fill up some other way so I love that this pushes us to make date nights more common and to connect again.
In a silly fun carefree way.
Something I hope we can continue once we are married.


  1. Aww, sounds like you both had a wonderful time. I'm so happy to have found another engaged person out in blogland!

    What a wonderful way to spend time together since planning a wedding can really make you forget about each other (which, unfortunately, is the opposite thing that you want to have happen).

    Thanks for the wonderful idea, kt!!

  2. This is the sweetest thing. Seriously, cherish these times together and don't stop the dates after you've tied the knot!! It's so sweet to hear about you falling in love all over again. God has really blessed your relationship!

  3. This is a wonderful gift and idea. You guys are too cute anyways and then you have to go and do yet another thing that makes us all go, "awwwwww." :) Enjoy these moments together. Snippets of time stolen from the crazy merry-go-round of school, church, family, wedding planning. And definitely make this a "do" for after the wedding too! :)