Sep 9, 2009

kt hearts...

- brown paper packages tied up with string & gift carded with a doily!
How cute are these?
I think I need to work out a way to incorporate brown paper, string and doily's into our wedding decor because I just love how these little packages worked out...
Miss Jessica these are now on their way to your house! There is something new, something old, something crafty and something blue & I promise they just as lovely inside!
In fact I nearly kept them for myself... nearly!
But no more hints.. just pretty pictures ;)
***And can you believe I came across this menu idea tonight after I had written this post?
I love it & wonder how it would look with some cute vintage buttons somehow joining the middle together.
I feel some ideas coming together ;)


  1. oh this is so seriously cute.... love this idea.

    Will have to give it a try for Christmas packages this year I believe.

  2. oooh that's so awesome Leslie, cause they do look a bit like snowflakes too :)

  3. The packages look very pretty all tied up. Those menus are really cool too!

  4. Hey I have tagged you to play a game on my blog. Hope you can play along.

  5. love love love these! i am so giddy about finding these in my mailbox!!

  6. These are seriously adorable! I know there was a reason I bought a roll of brown craft paper last week! :)
    Love the simplicity of it all.

  7. oh my. how did I miss this post?
    this idea is just so pretty.

    missing you dearly. hurry up March!
    can't wait to work on some of these sweet little wedding projects with you.

    and I am so stealing your darling idea and Leslie's thought on Christmas packages. Can't wait to see what's in those pretty little packages Jessica.

  8. I am LOVING all your adorble ideas KT, it brings no doubt that your wedding is going to be beautiful and unique in every way!

  9. I feel like whatever I say will be a repeat of someone else! I love them, they are adorable, and will definitely be using them for Christmas, too. What a good idea, especially since you can purchase doilies in different colors, as well.

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  11. oops! I somehow deleted my comment. What a goof.
    As I said, the first try, I love these doilies and kraft paper packages. Nice to find someone else that shares my enthusiasm for doilies!
    Glad I found your blog through Blotted Thoughts!
    Bye from Vancouver.