Oct 15, 2009

too long!!

some of our silly and fun friends in the makeshift photo booth at our engagement party :)

it has been almost a whole month since I last posted - I am turning out to be a horrible blogger and commenter! & it's not been for lack of anything to say either - probably rather too much going on!

This month I/we have:

* Had a fun engagement photo shoot with a friend
* Hosted the funnest and loveliest engagement party
* Finished a super large assessment and enjoyed doing nothing all holidays
* caught up with lots of friends old and new
* Done coffee
* and board game nights with friends (we are that cool!)
* enjoyed some sewing
* made a handbag for Aunty Mandy
* and a twister quilt!
* iced over 200 cupcakes
* made home-made lemonade
* played with our engagement presents
* stacked, packed and stored away said presents *sniff*
* asked some sweet ladies to be my bridesmaids, which resulted in lots of screaming and hugging
* Booked a ceremony venue - it involves golf buggies and lawn games ;)
* Dressed up in some wedding dresses for a photoshoot for a friend's uni assessment
* spent some sweet stolen moments up in the little flat which will be our first home and dreamed and played
* BOOKED A TICKET TO THE US!!! for a certain blog meet up where I get to stay with this lady and then this one and this one and meet her and her and her and her and her and a few others!!
* enjoyed being us as we are right now silly, young, in love and dreaming up the future!

Stay tuned I have more posts coming when I sort out all these photos :)


  1. So good to see a post from you. Your party sounds like it was simply scrumptious (wish I could have been there). You are going to be such a beautiful bride... and I'm so glad you're sharing details as you plan. What fun!! And you booked a ticket... hooray! Can't wait to see you in person!!!! :-)

  2. Busy, busy, busy then. Look forward to reading more.

  3. So glad to come over and see a post from you KT! I bet you are having so much fun planning this wedding!!
    Miss you and can't wait to hear more :)

  4. lucky us!!! Woo hoo
    and a twister quilt, FUN.

    and parties and photos.

    life is sweet for you right now friend, and your ever so deserving..

    by the way loving hear how excited your man is over household appliances... ADORABLE.