Nov 3, 2009

super gorgeous girls

We now have a full bridal party & can I just say that my bridesmaids are amazing and fun and oh so cute! They have even made themselves a private facebook group (which I am not privy to) to "To bring us all closer together in preparation for the big day!" aaww
I wanted to think of a fun way to ask these girls to have a special part in our day so I made them each a little card out of some lovely Heather Bailey scrapbooking paper and ribbon.
It was such a great idea because not only did I get to sit down and play with pretty paper but I got to really think why I wanted these girls to be my bridesmaids and what they mean to me (& M).
And it was fun to look at their faces as they read over the card and then came to the word 'bridesmaid' - in fact one of them even started crying :)

so would you like to meet them?

My Maid of Honour
my amazing, sweet and beautiful cousin.
Miss Mac # 1 (but only cause shes the oldest - or so we have to keep telling her ;)
So many fun childhood memories, so many similar interests.
& so many laughs and good chats when we get together.
I love her fiercely!
plus she's so cute - she was SO super excited when I asked her and after screaming and hugging she went out and brought a 'bridesmaid handbook' and has been reading it ever since. She's also already starting to plan the hens and kitchen tea party and been in contact with dress makers too.
Morgan's gorgeous sister.
so loving. so supportive. so helpful. so sweet. so caring. so fun to be around + to laugh with.
& SO glad I get her as my sister-in-law :)
She's also wedding-blog obsessed too and has been sharing lovely things she knows I will just adore.
and she's a frequent reader of my blog - hi lovely!!
and no she doesn't usually wear masks but I just adore this photo of her :) 

my dearest friend since junior high school.
in 2007 we got her to the chapel to marry her prince + now it's her turn.
Leese is also the creative eye behind all our engagement photoshoot photos
& many of the photos at our engagement party.
she's creative, funny and super fun to be around too!!

I have been blessed to have known this funny and spunky girl for around 15 years!!
she is beautiful inside. outside and upside down.
not only does she makes our hairs look pretty
but she is also a great friend (to us both)
and we share such fun memories together as well as many little letters we have sent to each other over the years - oh my they are so funny to read over!

aren't they beautiful?


  1. Yes, they are. And beautiful cards, too. Thanks for getting back to me about the pattern even though commenting was difficult. I finally figured out how to fix it- which made me very happy.

    I will be adding that pattern to my wish list immediately. It looks so fun!

    I love your new blog, by the way. Absolutely stunning. Very simple, yet captivating.

  2. Yes they are .... it is def going to be a beautiful wedding. Love your new blog layout.

  3. What beautiful, gorgeous friends/family you have! As others have said - what a beautiful wedding it will be!

    Loving the new blog layout - very nice!

  4. Aw, such a sweet idea! The cards turned out beautiful...what lucky girls you all are to have each other. :)

    BTW, LOVE your new banner!! How did you make it?

  5. What a sweet, thoughtful idea, and such beautiful girls! I'm sure they feel very honored to be a part of your wedding. You are doing so many cute things for your wedding, it's amazing! There's so much more time to be crafty when your engagement is longer than three and a half months ;-)

  6. I think your wedding will be awesome. Beautiful cards. Beautiful bridesmaids. And you look gorgeous too!!!! Good luck with your wedding! Good planning!