Nov 28, 2009


Today we got our first piece of furniture for our house - for the craft room to be exact!
A chest of drawers sitting at the end of our street with a sign attached that read "Free"
I was immediately sold...
(probably before I even checked the condition it was in!- which is really good by the way)
I am seeing a new coat of fresh white paint over the existing pine and some pretty patterns to line the drawers. It wouldn't fit in Morgan's car boot so I jokingly said he'd have the carry it up the street - he didn't even think twice before he picked up those heavy drawers and started waddling up the street proudly providing for his Mrs-to-be.

Then we had this funny conversation:

K: "Watching you proudly carry that heavy chest of drawers up the street for me in 34 degree heat made me fall in love with you all over again!"
M: *laughing at me* ... "34 degree heat huh?" (yup that's the bit he chose to take from that sentence!)
K: "yup, why's that so funny?"
M: "that's really precise"

He then goes on to cheekily say that he thinks it actually feels a bit more like "31"
There are kisses and then he jumps into his car to leave and pushes the button to check the outside temperature.
And I see him laughing his head off.
He winds the window down and I hear
& that was the part where I won...
both a man who carry's heavy cupboards for me without thinking twice and the ability to correctly guess the heat of the day!

ps. did I mention it was HOT!?
both him AND today ;)


  1. Fantastic to find a bargain like that and of course, to discover the man you are about to marry is a 'true gentleman'!! I swooned over the thought of both I will admit! hee hee
    Hope you are having a fab weekend. xx

  2. You make me laugh! :-)
    Good job on the thrifty craft room find, your ability to gauge temperature so precisely, and finding such a good-natured man to marry!
    Hope you're enjoying your Christmas preparations--I'm in the middle of Advent-calendar-making and it's so much fun!

  3. Such a cute story...sounds like you have a keeper! And don't you love free stuff? Last summer my neighbor kept putting free stuff on her curb and I kept sneaking over to grab stuff! I love furniture makeovers!

  4. Love this post! And how cool is it that your 1st piece is for the craft room? :)Love you girl!

  5. This is one of my favorite ever posts by you. Love it so much!

  6. Make that, love it + you so MUCH!