Nov 15, 2009

the one where I am super proud :)

So I was on a bit of a role there for awhile.. but I seem to have lost my momentum, that and I am in the middle of my FINAL assessment before I am a qualified junior designer - yes I said FINAL.. eek! So that is (mostly) all I have been doing lately. But last night I took a break curled my hair and put on a cute skirt and we went out to support our amazing friend Corinne (you met her a few posts ago) and her band Jonnday at their cd launch and live dvd recording. And it was great - they are all such talented musicians and I was so proud of Miss Rinny, who is their new lead singer and has an amazing voice - but I'm biased right? I also loved one of their supporting artists Amy Rose Buckle who has the darlingest voice... I am sure I was standing there with my mouth gaping open at the way she just sat there singing like it was the easiest thing in the world. And some fun shots of the gorgeous Rinny (and the band)...

isn't she cute?
And here is their trailer just so you can here her sing :)

 ooh and you can listen to their music on their myspace here too.

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  1. Concerts are so much fun, aren't they? I imagine it's exponentially better when it is your friend's concert!! What a fun way to relax and enjoy a night out. :-)

    A qualified junior designer sounds like a big deal. Congratulations in advance--you'll be smashing! It's so neat to see you getting the chance to cultivate the gifts God has given you and get even BETTER at what you do. You're a creative inspiration!