Feb 8, 2010

a date.

Four our minus 1 year anniversary Morgan took me up to Wine Country to celebrate. We had lunch at the vineyard where we are having our wedding reception and sampled the food and wine - well I sampled the wine, cause he was driving this:
borrowed (with permission of course) from the parents.
And I thought you might like a little sneak peek of outside (I unfortunately didn't take any snaps of the  inside)...
the courtyard, where we hope to have the evening dancing (weather permitting)
the view.

the chicken shed. 
They use the fresh eggs for the meals and also the veggies from the veggie patch :)
Canapes on the lawn will be served here.

outdoor seating. I can just imagine this at night with all the lights on :)
After lunch we played in the vines.
and that was fun!

over lunch I caught the Mr-to-be starring and smiling at me in a total look of love
and I very much melted on the spot
And I realized ONCE AGAIN
How much I love this dear boy!!
I also realized something else that day ..
I have really deep armpit cavities!
like REALLY deep!
mmm sexy!


  1. Ok I have to say you do rather!

    The wedding location looks amazing and, like you say I can see it must look magical at night with all the lights twinkling. They also had one pretty chicken shed!


  2. It's SO beautiful there! I can just imagine how awesome your special day will be.
    And YOU are hilarious! ;)

  3. wowzers! what a perfectly gorgeous location for a wedding reception!!! and your date looked pretty delightful, too :-)
    Happy -1 Anniversary!

  4. How exciting. It's going to be here before you even know it. What a beautiful venue. Can't wait to see pics next year of it all decorated and gorgeous you in your white dress. (BTW...not deep arm pit cavities..you are just a skinny mini!)

  5. I love your blog! This was so beautiful, thank you so much for sharing! :)

  6. Was such a fun day :)
    I just realised too, i think i parked in a disabled spot?? Ah well!

  7. You are so funny! This looks like an AMAZING location! What a fabulous party you are going to have!

  8. Oh. My. God. I DIE! :) Love it! And I can't wait to photograph you and your sweetheart on your big day! It's absolutely fantastically gorgeous!! :)

  9. Haha! ... must check out my own armpit cavities when I next see a mirror I wonder if they are genetic?! Photo of you with your tongues out getting printed and put on my wall xx

  10. It's all so gorgeous but that last photo made me laugh! Awesome! :)

  11. Love this. And the arm pit cavity comment cracked me up. You are so silly + gorgeous. I dream of having armpit cavities. And LOVE that comment from Christine Pobke.

  12. How exciting!
    Wow, the vineyard looks beautiful and if that didn't have me sold, then the fresh food (like the veggie patch!) totally would.

  13. What an AMAZING location for a wedding!! It is going to be truly stunning for your big day. I can hardly wait to see photos!!

    And the chicken shed?! Good grief, that is the nicest chicken shed I've ever seen! Its doors are actually beautiful!

    I guess they do chicken sheds differently down under...

  14. Wow, what an amazing location for your wedding!

    Have fun planning for your special day