Feb 26, 2010

Love Letter: Day 2

To the spunky guy with the subaru whom he loves alot ... but not as much as ME,

Hey babe! I have decided to write u a small love letter here each day to keep you updated on what we get up to each day and use the enteries as a kinda diary of my travels.

So here goes ... a little catch up for you:

* the flight was good. long, but I never got to the stage where you think "are we there yet?" and then you look at the clock and it says there's still 4 hours left! So that was great.
* My flight to Brissy was late arriving and they were taking the final calls for my connecting flight but as there was a large amount of us connecting one of the flight staff was waiting for us and took us all over to the international terminal, helping us with paperwork etc. SO helpful
* the international planes are big!! super big!
* and people in business class are lucky. super lucky!
* I had to sit between 2 strangers - for 12 hours! But the guy next to me and I became quite good friends in the end.
* And plane food isn't that bad. But they didn't really serve fruit - oh how my mum would be disappointed!
*  My flight into LA was early and I got through custom so quickly so I got there a little before Leslie but I knew her as soon as we saw one another.
* Hugging and meeting a bloggy friend in real life is surreal and so amazing.
* Leslie is amazing. and sweet and so is her little fam.
* I have only tried to get in the wrong side of the car once.. er make that twice (I did it again today!)
* I think you need to experience driving here. You would like it. but then again you just like driving full stop! it's strange and feels almost like you are over turning in the car and I keep getting confused
* the toilets are strange. super strange and low. And they FILL UP with water when u flush them?! I thought I'd chosen a toilet with a blocked pipe the first time I used one and that it was going to go everywhere!
* Cali is really warm so I have been able to wear jeans and short sleeved tops. how crazy is that?
* But I am expecting to freeze when I head further north!
* Rylan Mae is my sweet little shadow. She likes to wear my 'pretties' (headbands) and shoes and ask me what are u doing to everything I do. I totally want one - tantrums and all !!
* Yesterday we just hung around the house, relaxing and settling in.
* I miss you, but then again thats a given :)
*Today we went shopping at an awesome fabric places. SO So cheap we may have brought a lot!!

just maybe :)
you still love me right?
Always yours..

ps. Also I think it's so cute how excited you were over our feature on Polka Dot Bride :)

pps. I have a strange request: Can u email me a picture of your toilet and it's height in relation to the vanity - hehe thanks babe :)


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  2. Love this so much KT. :) Super bummed I won't be able to see you while you are in the US. I would love to! Really really. :)

  3. I am really intrigued by the toilet thing now! And are we in the middle in terms of height here in UK? hee hee!!

    Sounds like you are having a really great time. xx

  4. Oh my word Katie!!! Is that really your shopping cart full of fabric??? lol no wonder you said you had a funny picture! Such a sweet letter to your boy. Can't wait to see this thing about the toilets. I'm quite curious now. :)

  5. love this.. just found it...
    and don't forget 4 whole hours lost in that store.... 4 whole hours.. oh me oh my...

    P.S. friend.. Morgan is a sweetie pie... fun to see him over skype.. you guys are super sweet togethor.

  6. KT. you are so special.
    and managed to help me alot last night just by me surprisingly finding your blog and reading some of it.
    you are so special, again.

    Thankyou :)

  7. So glad you're having so much fun, KT! Can you believe it's less than a week till we meet?!
    Love the fabrics in your cart...and really enjoying this peek into your visit with Leslie!

  8. So I was just looking at your Etsy. It says you location is Spokane? Obviously that's not you, I know you're from Sydney. But is that where one of your blogging friend's that you are visiting lives? Because that's where I live!! I just thought that was a strange coincidence... Spokane's not that big.

  9. I love the little note leaving! The girl I dated in college used to leave me notes ALL the time and I never appreciated it. Years have passed now and I came across them and was realizing how sweet they were. Its different living in manhattan because you typically don't see the people you date that often but I am a lot more aware of the sweetness and little gestures that mean so much. So I have learned my lesson. It sounds like you have a great relationship. Kudos! I hope it stays like that foreeeeeeeeeeever! =)