Feb 12, 2010

Love Letter no:1

My Dearest Morgan,

Today was Friday - the exciting end of the week. The day where you get off work early and then you come to play. And we giggle. Sometimes we giggle ALOT because I do silly things like dangle off your back while you take off your shoes and make you play tag with me around the house. And sometimes.. well sometimes you just sleep. Cause you know it's been a looong week! Fortunately this afternoon was a silly one. (they are kinda my favourite!)

You picked me up and we drove in that big four wheel drive your family owns. The one I almost need a step ladder to get into cause it is SO high. Off to do afternoon errands. But I didn't mind, even though the air conditioner leaked water all over my shoes every time you took a left hand turn (seriously that water was REALLY coming out of there - with force!) - Did you mean to take so many of those left handed turns? But it didn't matter because I was with you. And you were with me. And that is really all that matters.

I love how we chatted and played as we drove along. And you teased me pretending you didn't remember that in high school Fridays were 'snuggle day' and that Friday to us just simply didn't exist. Until I was so confused by what you were saying and what you actually remembered. Oh I should know your game - you always get me with jokes like that!! Or how you refused to go along with my stupid plan to call the afternoon storm a 'snuggle storm' - I really was just being silly you know. And how you said you'd never call it that in front of anyone or tell anyone you did and how now I have just posted it on the internet for the WORLD to see because I am awesome, like that :)

And I am sorry that I probably embarrassed you in the optometrist while I was getting my contacts checked for the second time because they are 'smudgy'. And for yelling out silly things like "I think it's my eyes that are all smudgy""maybe their broken""Whats the weather forecast this afternoon baby?" or "I can't seeeee you!"
Or how I couldn't resist putting my just my leg outside the half open door and shaking it around pretending it was sexy just to get a rise from you. I hope I make you laugh and smile (because well you know I didn't have my contacts in and couldn't see your face). And I hope I was able to take your mind off a long not so good work week!
and of course for anyone interested, my optometrist was out the back while I was carrying on so! although we do have a few laughs together and I think he finds me funny and not too strange :)

Thanks for a fun afternoon my love...
I love you forever even though you truly do remember snuggle days, even when you say you don't :)
lets play forever and always be silly.
Always your
kt bear


  1. Snuggle day? What the heck is a snuggle day? Maybe you just need to teach me again ;)

    This afternoon was super fun babe! Had so much fun laughing and being crazy with you.

    I apologise for the truck. Even though it was throwing up all over you it still fun! ...oh, and it was right hand turns not left hand turns when it was spewing!! You'd think you knew that by now!!!!

  2. You guys are the best! I love it. I love that you know how to be silly and have fun and play together. That will come in handy in your lifetime together. :)

  3. pure sweetness....
    reminds me of fun days of our own... love this post....

    now we just paper rock scissors for diappies..and whisper silly secrets through our kids.

  4. Love this post - don't worry we have been together 10 years now and we are still silly all the time!xx

  5. You're the sweetest fiancee, KT. Morgan is lucky to have you. :-)