Apr 20, 2010


So I just found out that Anthropology now ships to Australia!! 
 of course it's not quite the same as spending an hour or so in the two story store in Seattle with:
a bunch of 8 fellow blogging ladies ...
8 tummies full of PF Changs ...
+ 8 fortunes from our fortune cookies ...
(1 lady with a fortune telling her that she shouldn't really shop ... what the?! ... poor Andi!)
3 babies 
(1 who was quite cutely shopping all by herself hehe )
at least 6 cameras (Andi - I need pictures please :)
but I am happy just the same...
I just wish the postage wasn't so ridiculous!
 I am really kicking myself for not buying myself and M these monogrammed mugs when I visited.
I really did eye them for ages.
But at over $40 to have them posted here looks like they will just have to stay. 
I wonder if anyone stocks anything similiar here in Oz ...
anyone seen anything?

post edit: Just went on the Urban Outfitters webpage and they now ship to Australia too! With much more reasonable shipping prices might I add.
hopefully 'pandora' will be next :)


  1. I can sympathise with the shipping costs - I have to hold myself back on many occasions from buying something because I really can't justify the shipping. Makes it rather torturous looking at sites though!

  2. OOOOOHH! Lovely!!
    Miss you sweet girl! And am so looking forward to the NEXT time! No matter what it takes, you will be here again.

  3. Oh no this is going to hurt my bank balance ;) Corey and I have monogrammed mugs. I got them from Freedom. They were only like $4 each as well. I love them!

  4. Oooh I have that mug. In an A of course. :) You really were super close to me when you were here! I mean- super close! How ironic.

  5. How very cool to have such fun places ship to you, but super sad about the cost of shipping. I'm sure we could probably ship it much cheaper. Lovely things you had picked out though! Love you dear and miss you!