Apr 29, 2010

Kt hearts Pobke...

Christine Pobke + Pobke photography that is ;)
Last Saturday M and I were lucky enough to meet up with our very talented wedding photographer Christine.
Christine came all the way from Canberra (mostly) just to meet us + snap our pictures - how lucky are we? This is the first time we had ever meet face to face! Having only ever talked via Skype or email before & there was plenty of excitement both sides. I mean this girl is both fun AND makes you look like a superstar ... and we think we're pretty fun too ;)
The first time we met she squished into the back of our car with all, I repeat ALL of our props - not even sitting but lying across all our stuff camera cradled in front of her totally excited to be there - I knew then and there I was going to LOVE this girl!
Plus she also helped me get changed in a field, saw my undies eep! and kept on taking photos when I would say 'ooh what about this' + 'one more?!'
yup she's pretty amazing and if you live in the ACT or NSW even you should check her out!
Christine found an amazing field in Centennial Park, Sydney for our engagement photoshoot - I loved it. So much so that I think we will have to go back there and picnic one day!
As we met at highschool and are very much high-school sweethearts we added a little bit of  an old school theme to our photoshoot - school books, old suitcases, chalkboards and an amazing old school desk Morgan picked up from his neighbour THAT MORNING!
totally made the shoot!
Only bumma was forgetting the cute apples we took ages buying that morning in the car during our shoot - the ones with the perfect stems. But they did fill up hungry tummies on the way home.
Look guys the twister quilt !
oh and a mention must be made to my amazing makeup artist Melissa of Melli Cosemetics who did my makeup trial earlier that day. 
I would also really really recomment Mel - her makeup is an artform and you can tell she just loves her job and has a real passion for makeup!
We had a lot of fun trying different ideas and effects until we were both happy with the result and knew it would match in with the wedding theme perfectly.
oooh and I got my foundation airbrushed with a gun too - so fun!
I am just so happy I got to use my trial for something fun too!
Here is our sneak peak Christine just put up!
Thank you Christine we love the and are so excited to see the rest!!  ...
(plenty more to come!)


  1. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! I love the props and the setting... so perfect! Congratulations and happy wedding planning!

  2. KT--These pictures of you and Morgan are so beautiful! I am loving that first one.

  3. oh.my.goodness. KT...these are incredible....absolutely incredible! (and apparently it is the day for amandas to comment on your blog! :)

  4. oh my Amanda's I am getting confused as to who is who lol

    little msgs kept coming up in my inbox "Amanda has just commented on your post" lol

    Thank you so much though - we love them. And I fear I owe some of you sweet ladies some comments :)

  5. These are totally magazine worthy..you two are so beautiful and obviously so in love. I miss you...I just watched this clip on someone's blog from an Australian program and they sounded just like you! They even used the word daggy! Oh my, it makes me miss you!

  6. KT you look stunning! These shots are truly amazing.

    I just followed the link and - WOW!

    You must be over the moon with the results.

  7. Wow! Those shots are incredible. You both look gorgeous. I hope I can find a photographer that is that good when I get married!

  8. awwww i only just saw this!!! :) LOVE IT!!! love all the photos on the blog banner too - you guys are way too cute! thanks for making my job super easy! xoxo

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