Apr 30, 2010


M and I are excited to be heading down to Sydney tomorrow to meet with his Uncle Ken. 
We love Uncle Ken - he's very fun and silly, is awesome pastor and come November he is going to marry us.
We're excited to have him be such a part of our special day, that we will always be able to have the pastor that married us in our lives and that he is one who means so much to us.

Tomorrow we will start our first session of our pre marriage course 'PREPARE'
+ Uncle Ken is going to fix all that is wrong with Morgan!
As I, of course, am pretty much perfect ....
we're off to a great start huh ;)
Good thing the Mr knows I'm just joking here! 
A lot of our married friends and family have highly recommended pre marriage courses to us as an excellent tool for heading into marriage with + we're excited to begin.
 I will let you know how it goes.

Also talking about recommending ...
we are really loving this book and our dates and would recommend it to engaged couples for sure. Not only do you get to go on ten fun dates along the way but you will also discuss a lot of things before marriage - dealing with conflict, each others expectations of marriage, household chores, traditions and working out how your differences can actually balance each other out and make you a much stronger couple.
Also in the current Kt + M library is this book, which I'm really enjoying reading at the moment too.


  1. I've just come across your blog. Oh my goodness you guys are adorable. This blog is going straight to my favourites.

  2. I think you are doing absolutely the right thing getting yourselves prepared as well as the wedding. It is so easy to get lost in the all wedding arrangements and to forget exactly what the day is about.

    We had a friend as our vicar for our wedding and it made the day and service so much more special.


  3. that is such a great idea to take time out for 10 dates during the wedding planning process. Allows you guys some quality time together and makes sure your not getting too caught up in the planning and missing the little things. I love the letters in your photo. Corey and I bought letters for our house a while ago and when we bought them I was thinking these would be great for an engagement shoot he he....Just don't tell Corey ;)

  4. Yes, we really loved out pre marriage counsel. It was good stuff that helped out alot later on!
    And I am still just adoring your engagement pics!! SO much!