Jun 30, 2010

I miss the sunshine!

its so cold here in Sydney tonight...
3 degrees cold (thats 37.4 degrees Fahrenheit!) 
it sounds so much more impressive in celsius...
I'm wishing I were back here. California dreaming it up.
With the waves at my feet, enjoying theme parks, those tall tall palms and soaking in the bleached sun.
Summer - I MISS you!!
ps. more photos (and words) from my US trip to come soon.
the following images from California Adventure, Disneyland and Santa Monica.
been having fun with images here.


  1. Ironically it was cold when you were here.....hehe.
    we miss you too.

  2. hehe yes :)

    but I know it is REALLY hot there now!!
    and it was actually quite hot when Sare and I were in hollywood together - I only had jeans and had to roll them up and wear my only packed singlet top :)

  3. I love these pictures - so fun! Thanks for saying you have been using picnik too; as I was wondering where everyone had been rounding off the corners of the pictures recently! Now I know!


  4. hehe yes Cassie Picnik is so fun :)

    I am sure you can also round the corners in photoshop etc, although I'm not that savvy! :)

  5. Oh California!.. I remember that sweet weather from when I holidayed there years ago :) Disneyland was definitely a fave of mine as well! :D