Feb 2, 2013

life lately accoridng to my iphone

(and Mr A's too!)
1. I think my husband is so beautiful when he sleeps
2. The only way I eat Nutella - by the spoonful!
3. I fell in love with this mat while shopping, but I couldn't think of anywhere I could put it in our house. It's from Pillowtalk if anyone is interested
4. Testing out a few craft projects
5. It's moments like these that melt me and make me excited to see him as a dad.
6. The day I forgot to brush my hair and went around town feeling a little bit scruffy
7. My new nail colour is charming. Literally - Revlon charming.
8. New $10 shoes in my favourite colour
9. Good morning Lucy - it's a rainy, snuggly, banana pancake making and dancing in the kitchen kind of Saturday morning
10. Out on my shopping travels - loved this chair and pillow. 
11.  Bargin fabric shopping for my chair makeover
8. His + Hers. Hers - lots of little nibbles. His Almost didn't make it into the photo!


  1. I love this. I kind of copied you (okay, Taza, too!) on my blog. ;) And trust me... that's the ONLY way to eat Nutella! Have you ever made it?? I homemade it last week and it was divine! So easy, too.

    1. yay... yea I kinda copied Taza and other bloggers too but it seems the only way I can blog right now... iphone just makes it so quick and easy :) and no I've never made homemade Nutella - bet its better for you than store bought - won't you share the recipe? Oh pretty please! :)