Feb 1, 2013

still here

Hi there! I'm still here, I promise. Things have just been a little bit quiet at the Ayling household lately, so I don't really have much to blog about. In fact I worked all last week AND weekend - exciting life huh! But I have been feeling such an urge to nest around here lately, starting with our living room which is the most decorated room in our house so far and my favourite room too. I love sitting in it enjoying the white fresh walls and tall cathedral-like ceilings - it's my happy place for sure :) We have a few lovely pieces which we have loving bought and made but it has taken me so long to work out what colours I want to go with that we haven't got further than that. And then I found this amazing artwork below which has inspired the look and tones I want to go with. So I put together this mood board with some pieces we already have and some wish list pieces too...

from left to right:
1. artwork - I have no idea where this came from as I just found it by a happy accident. But I'd love to credit and then buy it!!!
2. Eames rocker (already have) we got ours from replica furniture.com
3. 'Lappljung Ruta' throw cushion - Ikea (only $12!!!)
4. Jacob Floor lamp (we already have) - Beacon Lighting
5. Linen and gold throw cushion - by me longings on etsy
7. Gumball Ottoman from Kush Living
8. Curio + Curio orange parrot cushion from Crate Expectations
9. White storage basket (sorry I forget where I found this image)
10. Grey Lounge - Hilton Lounge from Freedom in esquire pewter. We won't be getting a new lounge this time around, but we will be covering our existing lounge in a fabric similar to this - yay!
11. I also forget where I found this image but it is inspiration for my feature chair re upholstery project (chair shown in this post)
12. I also forget where I got this image from, but colour inspiration for throw cushions

Now I have some direction and a mood board to keep coming back to, I am excited to really see this room take shape and become a little more styled. I promise to record our progress here too :)


  1. I want the eames dining chairs and a new dining table. That is my next household purchase I am pining for.

    1. ooh yes I have always wanted Eames dining chairs too... although they will have to be replicas at that price :( What kinda dining room table are you thinking?

  2. I love all of this, Katie! As you were saying- such similar styles. All of these belong in my living room, too. :)

    1. yay!! It's such a pity we don't live close as we'd have such fun shopping and crafting together oh and we could swap home items we we both needed a new look - for zero cost!! hubbys would appreciate that ;)